Now users can enjoy puzzles with the new Helicopter Fighter puzzle app

Paulo Ribeiro has launched the new mobile application Helicopter Fighter puzzle game, which consists of two set of puzzles to entertain the users. The mobile app has recently been launched on Google Playstore and features the puzzles inspired from the fighter helicopters. The two set of puzzles consists of multiple challenges where the user has to assemble back the images of fighter helicopters.

Puzzles have been the favorite game of many since a long time and it has been proven by many studies that they help in boosting mental skills among children as well as adults. Among the kids, puzzles can help to develop physical, cognitive and emotional skills among them.

“Puzzle is an opportunity for young children to focus on an activity that has an ending,” states Nancy Maldonado in her article. If the puzzles are solved with friends or family, it also helps in developing social abilities.

Although physical puzzles continue to stay popular among the children, the technological advancement has led to an emergence of the new way of getting involved into puzzles that is through mobile apps.  Since smart phones have become a rage these days, a number of apps such as the helicopter fighter puzzle game have emerged in the market and they’re gaining quite popularity among the masses.

Puzzle games also help in improving the cognitive abilities among the children and they get a better understanding of the surrounding world. The kids can learn shape recognition, problem solving skills and also improve their memory by playing puzzles regularly.

Not only the kids, but even the adults can benefit from playing puzzles. A number of psychologists have started to use puzzles as a stress relieving source for their patients. Since the user can get engaged in solving a puzzle and put all their focus into it, the mind gets diverted and the user feels relief from everyday stresses.

A good piece of puzzle can also help the user in improving their emotional skills such as goal setting and patience.

Helicopter fighter puzzle app is designed keeping in mind the popularity of puzzle games and with an effort to bring the same to users in convenience of a mobile app.

The app is available for free download at Google Play.

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