Resentment Is Really The Hard Way Out

During addiction, there are many instances in which you may have put yourself in harm’s way because of a situation involving drugs.
It is said that resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Resentments hold us back in our recovery. They force us to live a life in the past, perpetually reliving a crime against us. The truth is, that in nearly everything in our lives, we have a choice. We can choose not to let the past damage, destroy, define, deter, or defeat us. Everyday we are given a new opportunity to leave the past behind and start anew.

You can make the decision as to whether or not to allow the past to influence your decisions today, what about the past you want to take with you into the future, and what parts to leave behind. Past experiences can be a source of strength; the mistakes made can be learned from. There is nothing that can teach us better than real experience; therefore, the past is invaluable.

Resentments, however, get in the way. They are like holding a grudge, which makes you sick on the inside. In these instances, it is best to forgive the past. Forgiveness is the only way to freedom from resentments.

Just as important it is to forgive others for harm they have caused you, it is equally important to forgive yourself for the harm you have inflicted on yourself. During addiction, there are many instances in which you may have put yourself in harm’s way because of a situation involving drugs. At the same time, putting yourself through an addiction is a way of inflicting harm upon yourself. The damage that is done to the body, brain, mind, and spirit can because for entering recovery in the first place. Actively participating in your recovery is the best way to make an amends to yourself. Changing your lifestyle so that it is that of a person who is in recovery is an important step in forgiving yourself.

Keep in mind, that you have a disease, and that means that the addiction is not your fault. The disease of addiction takes control of your life and makes it so that you cannot do anything but try to survive while the strong force of addiction is working against you. Perhaps there were times when you purposefully used substances in order to hurt yourself. Maybe even you even overdosed on purpose in order to try to end your life. These behaviors go along with having an addiction. Think about what feelings and emotions led up to you acting out those behaviors. Were you feeling inadequate? Insecure? Isolated? Overwhelmed with adversity? These are emotions that addiction feeds off of. They trick the brain into thinking that using the drug is what will make you feel better. The beast that is addiction demands to be fed, and it does not care if you die while doing so.

Those who are addicted, and have made it into recovery, need to remember to give themselves a break. After all, you did at least make the realization that at the pace you were going there would be no way to stop you other than death. By forgiving yourself, you are giving yourself a second chance at life. 

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