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Jan 13, 2016 – At a lecture sponsored by Purely Triton, a maker of personal massagers, in Boston, Massachusetts, a doctor widely known for his research into sports injuries delivered his latest findings on methods of healing muscle wounds. Dr. Humphrey Johnson of the Institute for Preventative Healing, based in Pasadena, California, presented to the members of the American Association of Sports Chiropractors his recommendations of the use of handheld electric massagers by field athletes after strenous training. He stated that the common shortcomings of large cord operated massagers was the ability to stimulate only the area in proximity to the massager head, causing uneven blood circulation in the body. The best massagers, he said, were those with omnidirectional heads which could distribute the effects of the vibration evenly.

In answering a question posed by a local journalist, he is quoted as saying “I have been approached by various makers of massagers to test and give a seal of approval as to their effectiveness on sore muscles, and I find that many fail to live up to their promises. If they are to deliver benefits similar to manual massaging, they must be able to penetrate a large area of muscle tissue and do so evenly.”

After Dr. Johnson’s presentation, Jean Simpson, sales manager for Purely Triton Limited announced the company’s new product range using an audiovisual presentation before the very same audience. The new personal massagers, according to her, have the very atttributes that Dr. Johnson insisted were required for an even and penetrating massage of the body. She mentioned that 2 new models, the Pocket Mini Massager and the Red Boomerang,  were both lightweight and portable, yet as powerful as many conventional large massagers and, therefore, the most promising products in their line.

The Official Product Launch of the new line of products will start on January 20, 2016 in conjunction with Amazon, the online retail company. During the Launch, various promotional acts are planned so as to inform American consumers.

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