Private-car hailing Service Is Blamed for Traffic Congestion While Intelligent good quality air board Industry Revs up

Private-car hailing companies have ambitious expansion plans but traffic experts blame the hailing services for traffic congestion. On the other hand, the intelligent self-balancing scooter industry, led by companies like Airwheel Technology, holds advantage in solving the traffic problems.

In some mega cities, automobiles have already driven down the average speed at rush hour. The booming car-hailing services further burden the already crowded traffic according to some traffic experts. Once it was said that the solution to traffic congestion was sharing economy. However, it ends up with more people hailing private cars and the traffic surrounding is not improved at all. Luckily, the intelligent self-balancing scooter industry revs up to counter the embarrassing traffic situation.

intelligent self-balancing scooter

There are some people who hail private cars only to cover the distance of several kilometers instead of taking buses. How can the traffic situation be improved this way? For short-distance commuting, electric self-balancing scooters should be vigorously promoted. Airwheel Technology has launched various types of intelligent scooters fit for daily commuting. They are more than toys or fitting equipment for young people. Among all its products, the 2-wheeled electric scooter Z3 and A3 are highly recommended.

To be specific, Z3 and A3 are capable of more than short-distance commuting. The electric scooter A3 initiates a sitting-posture of riding. It has the same kinds of functions as electromobiles, but more intelligent. A 4 inch display panel can show data like the battery information, mileage, speed and interior temperature. Unlike common self-balancing scooters which depend on riders’ body movement to slam the brake, A3 is introduced with an electronic braking system. To stop the vehicle, users only need to press the braking button. Z3 has an up-equipped battery design which allows it to work in rainy days. A separate standing pedal design allows riders to adopt the most comfortable riding posture. Both the two types of vehicles can be connected to the phone by a customized app. Their small figures and eco functions enable them to work efficiently on the bustling streets.

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The society should harness the immense potential of intelligent self-balancing scooters to relieve traffic pressure. Give up private-car hailing and have a try of Airwheel intelligent scooters.

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