Penrith Dental Clinic Now Increases the Standard of Oral Care Using Microscopic Dentistry

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Penrith Dental Clinic now uses state-of-the-art microscopic dental technology which increases the standard of oral care by facilitating precise treatment based on more detailed information.

Sydney, New South Wales – January 14, 2016 – Using microscopic procedures are common in medical specialities like: neurosurgery, ophthalmology or vascular surgery. Now they are tiptoeing into another field of health care that demands precision and accuracy, i.e. General Dentistry. There are many dental clinics out there which use advanced dental technologies to provide pain free and comfortable dental treatments for their patients. However, Penrith Dental Clinic stands apart from the crew by offering pain free, comfortable and advanced dental treatments with the use of Microscopic Dental Procedures.

“Our practice is proud to be the first one to include microscopic dentistry in its routine work, because we care to deliver the highest precision in our treatments to all our patients,” stated the spokesperson from Penrith Dental Clinic.

He also continued, “At Penrith Dental Clinic, we believe that there are no compromises with dental care. That is why our state-of-the-art technology is unequalled and is best suited for all your dental needs. Our stellar technology includes the dental microscope, one of the most advanced tools in the field of dentistry.”

The dental microscope is similar to the standard microscope in that it zooms into microbic objects and areas. Using a microscope, the level of precision achieved is greatly increased. The dentist is better able to create precise margins and check for abnormalities in impressions used for the creation of a dental appliance or crown. Working with the detailed images the dentist is able to give the patient a more comfortable and natural feel to their filling, crown or other prosthetic.

Not only is the microscope an amazing tool for attention to detail, the microscope can also enhance the patient’s experience. The dentist is able to hook a video camera through the microscope allowing the patient to view the image on the screen. It is much easier to explain proposed treatment when the patient can see exactly what the doctor sees. It also makes dental treatment more fun and interesting for the medically minded patient.

While speaking about the advanced features of microscopic dentistry, the spokesperson added, “With powerful magnification and bright illumination, the operating microscope gives our doctors the ability to see well than ever before. Our dentists can only treat what they can see, and using a microscope makes it possible to detect decay and complex dental problems in their earliest stages of development. This allows for earlier, more conservative treatment before problems worsen, leading to better outcomes and potentially less need for future treatment.”

“Despite its many benefits, few dentists regularly use a dental microscope as part of their care. But for our dentists in Penrith, the microscope is essential to having complete, quality information and optimal visibility,” the spokesperson concluded.

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Penrith Dental Clinic offers the advantages of modern dentistry and stellar professional care with the use of most sophisticated tools and modern techniques, including Microscope Dentistry that improves the precision, safety and efficiency of all dental treatments.

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