Affordable DDOS Protection Helping Businesses Stand Firm

ProTraf is helping businesses stand firm against Distributed Denial of Service, (or DDoS) attacks. With ProTraf’s cloud-based mitigation service, your business can be protected against these types of attacks. As a business with an online presence, getting protection for your business’ website and network is one of the most important security measures to consider.

In 2016, several Internet Service Providers released statements that all said the same thing: globally, DDoS attacks are on the rise, a trend that has grown over the past year and is expected to continue to grow. In light of these observations, businesses online should invest in DDoS protection in order to protect themselves. Gone are the days when DDoS attacks were small and inconsequential. Today, any malicious actor is able to launch an attack for under $10. Don’t let DDoS attacks harm your reputation or your business -DDoS mitigation is an essential security measure for any business with an online presence.

The majority of large DDoS attacks utilize reflection amplification techniques, by taking advantage of vulnerable protocols such as NTP (Network Time Protocol), SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) and DNS (Domain Name Servers). In addition, attacks also frequently abuse insecure routers and other home devices to orchestrate DDoS attacks. Very few organizations have the infrastructure necessary to deal with such attacks on their own. DDoS attacks are a weapon of choice in a hacker’s arsenal, used to suspend a business’ online presence. Companies need to clearly define their business risk when it comes to DDoS. With average attacks capable of congesting the Internet connectivity of many businesses, it is essential that the risks and costs of an attack are understood, and appropriate counter-strategies to deal with these attacks are put in place.

With ProTraf’s cloud-based DDoS protection, you can rest easy knowing that your business is protected and will remain protected for the years to come.

A spokesman from ProTraf stated, “DDoS attacks are on the rise, and are expected to continue to grow. DDoS protection is no longer optional, and is a must if a business wishes to avoid downtime.” Most computer server manufacturers now recommend that corporate security systems analysts have a DDoS-preventative measure or safeguard in place to protect their equipment and network.

ProTraf spokesman said they strongly recommend a true multi-layered defense system. It will be one that integrates on-site protection against application layer attacks with cloud-based protection against higher magnitude volumetric attacks. Only then is an organization fully protected from a DDoS attack.

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