Host.AG Announces DDoS Protection Services for Dedicated Servers

Up to 100 Gbps DDoS Protection

SOFIA, Bulgaria Host.AG, which hosts high-end dedicated servers for corporate clients, announced today that it is now offering protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks. DDoS attacks are serious security threats that use multiple hosts to send an unmanageable volume of service requests to a server, rendering it unable to function. 

“Denial of service attacks can wreak havoc on a site, disrupting commerce and negatively affecting online brands,” said Dan Schwarz of Host.AG. “We can now help mitigate the risk of falling victim to this sort of hack.”

Host.AG offers seven layers of protection against DDoS that involve machine testing all applications and all packages running on a customer’s server. The company’s DDoS mitigation solution analyzes traffic in real time, so that only clean traffic can reach customer hardware. Host.AG offers protection against Worm Outbreaks, DDoS and BotNet attacks, SYN Flood, Inbound attacks, ICMP flood, Application level floods, UDP Flood, HTTP Get Flood, HTTP Post Flood, DNS Flood, and Spoof IP Attack. The service works at up to 100 Gbps.

Host.AG is known for outstanding service, offering customers a high degree of privacy and security as well as brand new hardware.  The company provides both unmanaged and managed services. Host.AG’s goal is to give its clients the time and opportunity to take care of their businesses by providing optimal server management services.  They enable clients to avoid hiring costly specialists. Managed services include backup, optimization, monitoring, security, migration and software updating.

Host.AG’s data center is located in Sofia, Bulgaria in the European Union.  All servers are from the Dell PowerEdge family, powered by Intel Xeon processors. Customers are able to access one of the largest, most powerful networks in the world.  Situated at the nexus of multiple Bulgarian, European and Asian telecom networks, Host.AG’s network has bandwidth capacity of 100 Gbps.   The company offers a guarantee a 99.98% uptime guarantee. 

Customer privacy is ensured through the company’s registration in the Republic of Seychelles, which has legislation to serve the ever increasing market for privacy-conscious users. All services 100% confidential. Host.AG is also an environmentally conscious, “green” technology business.  Servers are located in a new and modern datacenter building that uses renewable energy and energy saving systems.

The DDoS protection comes in two packages: Basic (49 EUROS) for standard web sites, and Enterprise (199 EUROS) for big sites.

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