New Social Network Kepler Showcases Activism and Social Initiatives Around the World

One of the most important tools for societal change in the 21st century is online platforms like Facebook and Twitter. While many important social movements have been spawned on these platforms, they remain primarily apps for recreation and business interactions. A new social network called Kepler is currently in development and will be entirely devoted to sharing news about political, social and community initiatives that can deeply alter the world.

Kepler is the brainchild of Mo Tamimi a Turkish activist who has participated in some of the most important global events, including the Syrian civil war and climate change. His experiences fueled his desire to create an online platform that people in communities across the globe can use to create meaningful social change. The power of online dialogue can help shed light on under-publicized issues like refugee crises, empowering impoverished communities and grassroots movements. Kepler can be the bridge between our troubled world and better future.

Much of the design and development has already been completed, but Mo and his team need your assistance to complete the project. They have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $25,000 needed to hire additional web developers and launch Kepler. A key component of the Kepler platform will be the distribution of K points to users. With these points, users can access premium features and earn rewards. In return for your generous support of this historic project, you can earn perks like K points, lifetime membership, and promotional space on the Kepler landing page.

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Company Name: Kepler-Social network
Contact Person: Mo Tamimi
Country: United States