Flexmedia launches first of its kind MARVEL electro luminescent panels and posters

The US based company Flexmedia, known for its innovative and ‘cool’ products, has launched the brand new electro luminescent (EL) panels and posters. The patented product is creating quite a buzz in the market since the time of its launch.

The company holds the Marvel license and created the EL panels with the prints of famous Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, Avengers, Avengers age of Ultron and more than 30 such designs. The product is much of a delight for superhero and Marvel characters fans.

The fans can use these EL panels to hang on the walls, keep on the table and in fact they can wear it over the attire as well. The illumination factor of the El panel makes it stand apart from the traditional superhero t-shirts.

Unlike the regular backlit designs and posters, the product features uniform surface illumination of complex shapes and wide visual angle with uniform illumination, making it look more attractive.

Due to its flexible and lightweight design as well as power saving capabilities, EL panels and posters have become the new ‘hot’ product among the ‘cool gadget’ lovers. The less power consumption by the product also leads to lesser operating cost while it can also bear vibration and light impact.

The simplistic and sleek design combined with full color high quality graphics makes it the hottest selling product in the market. These products are also durable in nature and have a long life of 20,000 hours.

Flexmedia panels and posters work on the phenomenon of electroluminescence that occurs by plugging a sandwich made of plastic, a conductive material and phosphor. The phosphor glows when electricity is passed from one electrode layer to another creating the illumination. These panels and posters are similar to LED signage and provide an appearance of animation or movement within a static shape.

Another interesting feature of the El lights is that they don’t fail abruptly like the incandescent or fluorescent lamps but the brightness decreases gradually over prolonged usage. The life span of these lights depends upon various factors such as humidity, initial brightness and others. The company provides one year warranty for the indoor and a six month warranty for the outdoor electroluminescent products.

A demo of the product can be seen on YouTube as well.

Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KYVIs6jeRM

About the company

Flexmedia provides digital and innovative technology for indoor, outdoor and vehicle application. The company holds more than 10 years of experience and has built an international market for their innovative EL products. At present, the company is focused on creating high quality and unique EL products as well as providing their clients fresh advertising ideas. A number of companies from various sectors such as soft drink, beer, premium alcohol, tobacco, food and other have used EL panels by Flexmedia to advertise indoors and outdoors.

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