Author Pierre D. Telep is all set to launch his book ‘Growing Wise’ on Amazon

Have you ever felt you could be more successful if you were a bit wiser? The book “Growing Wise”, “The story of King Solomon” is all set to be launched on Amazon on January 30th, 2016. Several reviews posted by readers suggest that the book has already started to gain popularity among the masses.

“I usually sleep to digest life changing lessons whenever I get in touch with a nice book. I slept while meditating the truth explained on the 4th chapter of Growing Wise,” says E.K.

The book “Growing Wise”, as the name suggests will familiarize the readers with wise thoughts that will help them become more successful in life. Through this book, the reader will be able to turn the societal disadvantages into competitive advantages by a simple shift of perception and discover a new way of viewing and experiencing things. The book will also guide the readers to transform their weaknesses into opportunities and face the hardships of life with a strong mind. The author has put light on the circumstances due to which people are not able to fulfill their dreams and also the ways which will lead them to the path of their aspirations.

“Growing Wise” is not only a motivational book but also entertains the reader as the life lessons are explained with the help of a story – The story of King Solomon. The story dates back to several centuries from now and revolves around King Solomon. The storytelling is done from the perspective of an analyst who works in the King’s palace and learns lessons of wisdom from the king.

Though the story may be historical, the life lessons mentioned in it remain significant in the present time as well. The story is promised to be full of twists and turns that keeps the reader engaged while providing them with profound wisdom and important life lessons.

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