SCOFF3D is all set to create first 3D printed food cafe, launches on Kickstarter

3D printed food is soon going to be specifically available with SCOFF3D, world’s first 3D printed food cafe. The idea is the brainchild of Martin Furze who has also started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of £400,000 that’ll be utilized in the set up of the unique cafe.

The idea is to create a food cafe where the customers can sit on a smart table, select a treat from the wide gallery of prints and get it printed on the food. This printer can also be hired for a birthday or theme party to print pictures on the food items. Furze also aims to provide services using this printer to cater for wedding or anniversary and create edible sculptures and place settings.

They say in the food business, it’s all about the presentation and SCOFF3D is here to take food presentation to the next level. With this 3D food printer, the possibilities are endless as it can be used for both personal and professional use.

The funds raised from the campaign will be used to open the first dedicated 3D printed food cafe, to provide unique catering service for various occasions and events plus to become reseller and supplier of 3D food printers. The goal as of now is to set up the foundation for the 3D food printers and then develop and branch out further.

This innovative project surely requires a huge investment for which the Kickstarter campaign has been created. The amount raised from the campaign will also go towards setting up the business premises, creating 3D food printers, smart tables, catering equipments, the interior designing, website development, promotional advertisement, rewards offered to the backers, staff and their wages, IT equipment and insurance.

The backers can get various rewards by pledging on Kickstarter, such as the SCOFF3D keychain, t-shirt, window decal, mug, apron, water bottle and many others.

More information about the campaign is available on Kickstarter.

Media Contact
Company Name: SCOFF3D
Contact Person: Martin Furze
Phone: 07730249258
Country: United Kingdom