Esmar Launches Smart Electric Shoe

Esmar, a brand of cutting edge personal transportation products has recently announced the launch of its electric shoe, the new product:  electric smart walking sneakers–ESMAR electric shoe has been introduced for busy people interested in making their walks more convenient and enjoyable.

Esmar spokesperson explained that the brand’s newest offering is a top of its range example of electric shoes, which has been designed to make walking easier and less tiresome for wearers navigating through their busy and hectic lives. The basic purpose of shoes has been to simply protect feet and make walking on different surfaces easier and comfortable. However, Esmar has endeavored to elevate the elementary purpose of shoes and make them smarter and more advanced, therefore, paving the way to the future of walking.

The brand spokesperson said: “Our new electric shoes are the top of the range smart shoes that combine style, durability and convenience. With its awesome features you can smart walk through bustling city streets, travel more efficiently and avoid fatigue. The electric shoe has been designed to work with an easy 3 step system startup which requires you to simply turn on its electric core, use the powerful Bluetooth controller to control the electric system and become the hottest smart walker around!”

According to the company, the electric shoe has been designed with a strong motor and drive system, at its core, the dynamic system can make the wearer walk at a speed of about 4.5 m/s. It is important to note that ESMAR electric shoes – system is configured with a very powerful, very easy to use control that provides wearers with complete control of their smart walk. ESMAR smart shoes are controlled by an intelligent power control device, a Bluetooth remote control which is only the size of a car key making it easy to carry. The exterior of the shoe has been designed to be trendy and has been manufactured out of high-quality materials that provide protection for the Esmar electric shoes core.

Technological and scientific advancements and innovations have brought on an era of evolution that has taken over even the basic everyday items.  Esmar Company’s success is driven by their ambition to provide innovative, smarter solutions for everyday problems.  

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