Improve Your Sleep & Your Health: Mirahome Invents the World First Smart Mattress Pad To Focus on Temperature To Give You The Best Sleep

Today, Mirahome introduces a new solution to improve the quality of sleep, the Mooring Sleep companion. Mooring contains a smart mattress pad, intelligent center, and mobile app monitors sleep environment to adjust temperature for the most effective sleep.

Mirahome invents the world first smart mattress pad to give you the best sleep. Mooring is a smart thermostatic mattress pad that monitors the user’s sleep habits and environment during sleep and automatically adjusts temperature and humidity of the mattress.

Mooring advances your overall sleeping experience by monitoring your sleep activity and providing a customized sleep experience so users wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Improve Your Sleep & Your Health: Mirahome Invents the World First Smart Mattress Pad To Focus on Temperature To Give You The Best Sleep

“Experts have proven that room and body temperature have a vital role in a healthy sleep cycle,” says Alice Fu, CEO and founder of Mirahome. “Mooring ensures the most effective temperature for a healthy, uninterrupted sleep by learning and monitoring sleep habits, and improving temperature for maximum comfort. When it’s time to wake up, Mooring will detect when you are in the lightest phase of your sleep and use the Intelligent Vibration Alarm to wake you in a soft, natural way. No more annoying alarms.”

Controlled through an intelligent center device and mobile app, Mooring monitors body and room temperature, heart rate, and body movements in real-time and reports these metrics on the Mooring mobile app so that users can monitor and track their own sleep health.

With adaptive learning technology, the more you use Mooring, the more it learns your sleep patterns and better adjusts the mattress to the perfect temperature to ensure a healthy and effective sleep. Also tracking sleep time, Mooring adjusts the temperature of the bed to help the user fall asleep quickly, as an increase in body temperature allows the body to fall asleep faster. Mooring then decreases in temperature slowly to ensure the user maintains a deep sleep.

The Mooring System includes the thermostatic mattress pad, intelligent centre and free mobile app. With the mobile app users are able to:

• Monitors and manages sleep time

• Monitors Light, Deep and REM sleep

• Monitors heartbeat, breathing rate and body movements

• Monitors two sides of mattress separately (for you and your partner)

• Sets Intelligent Vibration Alarm

• Connected intelligent center can connect to other smart devices (i.e. Nest)

The Mooring Smart Mattress Pad is now available.  You can get more information through Mirahome official website:

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