Extensions Mall Now Offers MageFence as an eCommerce sites’ Security that helps Save Businesses from Disasters

The Extensions Mall is now offering MageFence that is a simple method of saving businesses from disasters.

The aim of the company website is to increase the awareness of businesses about the eCommerce sites security platform that is secure and robust.

Website security is believed to have been the crucial topic of most big companies, including small and medium sized businesses. Almost seventy-one percent of security breaches are targeted on small businesses without a definite security plan. And those who have no active involvement and participation in the security of their websites are at risk of exploitation.

Due to the reason that E-commerce platforms are the main target of most cyber-attacks, even the retail industry has listed eighty percent of its stolen records. Magento security is more on a secure and robust platform while businesses still take all necessary precautions. However, this security still requires a proactive approach.

With MageFence, this serves as an extension to help them implement the best security practices on websites. They can as well protect their sites all the time.

And offering a “Check Website” feature, this is after scanning the Magento for any known pattern of malware infection. This also performs a completely detailed check and searches for any malicious code. In the event that it detects any sign of malware, it will be displayed on the page for file protection. This is also right after the scan has already been completed.

Apart from the detection of malicious code signs, MageFence is also scanning the database on a regular basis. It is also after checking the admin users that are created without any authorization. When the unauthorized admin is monitored and detected, an email warning is to be received, the list of admin users will be checked on as well. And thus, there is now a chance to delete all fake admin accounts.

As per this extension, they have an opportunity of receiving an email in each time that a particular user with all of the privileges of an admin logs in. This is also an opportunity to be in complete control of the store.

And just as the malware infected websites are also believed to be dangerous to visitors, these can be placed on a blacklist and will be removed from the index. Ninety-five percent of organic traffic is lost for all blacklisted websites.

Good thing, the Magefence is designed in scanning the Magento website and in giving a complete list of applied Magento patches and the missing ones. The extension is actually connected to the server and thus, business website owners are notified about the new releases of Magento and the trends of security. They will be updated prior to the protection of their websites.

In order that the security of the Magento website is not compromised, the integrity of the files needs to be checked on completely. Any of the malicious changes and security issues should be resolved as well.

The ExtensionsMall introduces MageFence that runs a system scan as scheduled. All of the modified files are also displayed in a list and users are allowed to confirm any of the changes made by them.

It is expected that more business owners will be interested in using MageFence as an eCommerce sites Security or a Magento site security for their peace of mind.

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