A Self-Study Guide for Spanish Language Learners Called 1000 Spanish Words in Context Launched On Amazon

The new book makes it easier to learn the Spanish language. It allows people to learn important vocabulary. It was written in a way to simplify the way people learn a new language. It is available as a Kindle download and is also available in audio.

Amazon the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce they have added a new Spanish learning book to their shopping platform. The book is called 1000 Spanish Words in Context (Essential Vocabulary Series), which is a self-study guide for Spanish Language learners, promising a new way to learn the popular language.

The book written by Alex Forero, is available as a Kindle Download and is currently priced at $3.40. The Spanish self-help book was written to make it easier for people to learn Spanish for holidays, business travel or for fun. It gives people the most used 1000 words in Spanish and translate them to English. This allows people to learn Spanish much quicker and gives them words that are commonly used by Spanish speakers. The words are shown in a sentence, which gives the person wishing to learn Spanish examples how they are used.

When asked the reason for writing the book, author Alex Forero said: “I decided to write this book as a resource for Spanish language learners as a way to learn new important vocabulary and see how the words gets used.”

Through purchasing the 1000 Spanish Words in Context book, it removes the time spent learning words that are not commonly used, hence allowing a person to learn Spanish much quicker than they would within a classroom environment. The words provided are words that would be used in an everyday environment such as in a café, workplace, or at a hotel.

Since being launched on Amazon, 1000 Spanish Words in Context has gained five-star reviews, which includes a review from By Sherry R. who said:

“I sometimes hear people around me speak Spanish. But I never took the time to learn the language. Yet, I need to learn this language even if it is just the basic. I intend to go on a backpacking trip to Europe, and Spain is in my itinerary. I need to learn it. I need to know how to speak just a little, and this book is helping me. It is like a dictionary, thesaurus of sort. The words arranged in an alphabetical order, so it is easy to find it. I find this book helpful since it can be handy when a certain Spanish word eludes me. I can easily translate it with the aid of this book.”

1000 Spanish Words in Context would make a perfect gift for someone learning Spanish or for someone wanting to learn Spanish as a second language.

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About 1000 Spanish Words in Context

1000 Spanish Words in Context is an important tool for someone wishing to learn Spanish. It is available as a Kindle download and makes it easier to learn a second language by focusing on words that are used in an everyday environment.

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