Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Raise Money To Produce A Replica Of The Kachkar Masterpiece

The Kachkar Masterpiece is a one of a kind piece of art that was hand carved from a single piece of red tuff stone. It took six men eighteen years to create the masterpiece, and now, three fans want to have a replica made for the world to enjoy. The crowdfunding campaign has been launched by Hratch Karapetian, Vic Karapetian, and Christian Blaha, who aim to raise $45,000.

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter (, by three art fans who want to create a replica of a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that took six men eighteen years to create. The Kachkar Masterpiece was hand-carved from a single piece of red tuff stone, and now the three fans want to celebrate the famous masterpiece and build a 16-inch replica.

Hratch Karapetian, Vic Karapetian, and Christian Blaha have launched the Kickstarter campaign in the hope of raising $45,000 to bring their dreams to life. The money raised will be used to pay a master sculptor by the name of Roy W. Butler, who will create the replica by scale using modern techniques. He will use materials that include clay, resin, wax, and woven materials to produce a replica of the Kachkar. Roy W. Butler was chosen for his experience and his reputation. He has been heavily featured in the media for his work. He has become a favorite of well-known celebrities where he was commissioned to generate a bust of Mr. Vernon Winfrey, the father of Oprah Winfrey.

Once the replica has been made, it will then be used to make a silicone mold, where it will allow for mass production of the Kachkar. It will allow more art fans around the world to enjoy the Kachkar, which can be displayed in pride of place in their homes, or places of work as well as within school for children to appreciate.

The new Kickstarter campaign has been described as one of the most exciting art crowdfunding campaigns launched in the past twelve months. It will allow people to appreciate a true masterpiece close up. The Kachkar is an interesting piece of art that symbolizes soul, freedom, and peace.  

As well as producing replicas, high-quality, custom-designed fashion jewelry will also be produced, which will focus on the heart of the Kachkar, allowing art fans to wear a part of the masterpiece. The custom made jewelry will be available in 14-karat rose gold and sterling silver, with a genuine Swarovski crystal. The pieces will be designed and manufactured in the United States and will make a perfect gift for a loved one. 

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About Kachkar:

The Kachkar masterpiece took six men eighteen years to create; it is now being made available to art fans all over the world through a crowdfunding campaign.

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