Flip Book Maker by AnyFlip Indicates Flexible Modes of Digital Training

AnyFlip is a keen observer of the ongoing trends in digital publication. The company has made prediction that the Year 2016 would experience a remarkable boost in mobile and online training. AnyFlip has the broadest range of flip book maker tools for all corporate & educational trainers.

Online training and mobile learning have become immensely popular in today’s technological era. AnyFlip, the global expert in digital publishing tools, predicts that digitalization of training would be the major trend of Year 2016. Education and corporate sectors are more attracted to mobile and digital learning techniques, because they have more reach and are far more advantageous. 

AnyFlip’s high-tech flip book maker has been highly acclaimed by the teachers and trainers across widest range of industries. Mobile friendly digital manuals and all sorts of training materials can be published online without having expertise in coding. Students, employees and other common learners can easily study from these interactive publications.

With this HTML5 flip book maker, informative and compelling digital content for offline learners can also be created easily. The software allows ebook creation in all market leading ZIP, USB, APP and similar types of other offline executable formats. These files can be copied onto DVD/CD, so the trainers can confidently handover these disks to the learners.

Users can conveniently make adjustments to the footer, company logo, icons, font and overall layout with easy-to-handle design tools. AnyFlip solutions also feature useful plug-in that delivers valuable information and instructions for image slideshows, video players and other key functionalities.

Free Cloud Hosting offered by AnyFlip has become their most powerful attribute. So, all publishers with zero budget or those who don’t have website can count on this solid platform. It brings superior value for the learners, as they can easily enhance their skills with the help of engaging material embedded with amazing flipping effects. Users are provided multiple options of inserting multimedia files, dynamic text, eye-catching backgrounds and Flash to their digital magazines.

In addition to Mac, Windows and Linux systems, the electronic magazines would run perfectly on Android and Kindle platforms. So the professional trainers and teachers would certainly enjoy peace of mind with this functionally-rich flipbook tool.

For more information, go to learn features of AnyFlip flip book maker at http://anyflip.com/features.

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