New App Launched MyBirthday.Ninja To Send Birthday Greetings The Fun Way

MyBirthday.Ninja – Send Happy Birthday Greeting Cards The Ninja Way. The App is set to change the way people send and receive birthday congratulations. MyBirthday.Ninja creates a birthday infographic detailing all fun facts, tidbits and trivia that happened on the celebration day. The new app provides a new fun way to celebrate a birthday.

A new app has been launched that will change the way people send birthday greetings to their friends, family and loved ones. MyBirthday.Ninja, which is exclusive to the App Store, helps to make the birthday even more special by sending the birthday boy or girl a birthday infographic with fun details about the day the recipient was born.

Ric Galit, the app’s developer, said of the MyBirthday.Ninja launch, “The app replaces the traditional e-card and gives a loved one the gift of knowledge on their special day.” The infographic includes fun details and important information that happened on the day the birthday boy or girl was born. That includes what the number one record was on their birth date, what big news story occurred, and what events coincide with the birthday. Other facts include, which celebrities were born on the same day, what is the birthday sign, and what does the birthday mean.

The new birthday app priced at $0.99 has been described as one of the most exciting apps in the past 12 months. The traditional birthday greeting card has become boring, with many recipients of a birthday card not reading what the card says. Many people who receive birthday cards can never remember who sent them or what they said, but the MyBirthday.Ninja app is set to change that.

When asked why the app was created, Galit stated, “I decided to create the app to amaze individuals with some birthday facts no one tells them about and turn that info into a captivating infographic.” When somebody receives a birthday infographic, it will keep them smiling all day long and have them telling people what happened on their birthday. Unlike a traditional birthday card where the birthday boy or girl may not remember who sent it, when they receive a birthday infographic they will remember for a long time to come who was responsible for lighting up their birthday.

Galit adds, “I bet you don’t know what the number one song was on the day you were born, but your parents probably do.” This statement is true. Most people are not aware of what the number one single was on the day they were born or what the big news stories were. The MyBirthday.Ninja infographic will give people all this information, which makes it even more special.

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About MyBirthday.Ninja

The MyBirthday.Ninja app provides a fun way to send and receive birthday greetings. It is simple to use and allows a person to learn what happened on the day they were born.


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