3 Steps Title Loans Brings Easy-to-Avail Car Title Loans for Sacramento Residents

While bad credit score deters many Americans from getting short-term traditional loans, a Sacramento based lending institution seems to have an answer for all those who wish to get hands on fast cash despite having poor credit score.

3 Steps Title Loans, a Sacramento CA based lending institution, recently introduced easy-to-avail car title loans primarily for Sacramento residents. The owners of the lending institution informed the press that they have already started processing fresh applications for loans and they are targeting to approve as many loan applicants as possible within the first quarter of 2016.

“Sacramento borrowers who are deep in debt and have their own cars can apply for this kind of loan,” said one lending officer working with the firm. “We evaluate the wholesale market prices of the cars kept as collateral and based on this wholesale market value, we sanction different loan amounts,” he added. “For knowing how much amount of loan one can get using his car as a collateral, one may just visit our website to fill up a form or get in touch with any of our representatives over the phone,” he told the press before signing off.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/E-iiWaGNRkc

3 Steps Title Loans owners also informed that they require a couple of documents such as proof of residence and proof of insurance apart from car title. “We believe that trust is the strongest foundation between a lender and a borrower. We just want to help out people who are in dire need of fast cash. As long as someone has a fully owned car, we are here to help him out with the maximum amount of money possible,” said a co-owner of the firm who has spent nearly three decades in the banking industry. “I have seen people applying desperately for loans but to no avail. This haplessness of people in need for money was the biggest reason why I formed this company along with two other good Samaritans,” he added.

As of now, 3 Steps Title Loans offers car title loans to people living in or around the Sacramento area. The owners confirmed that it is possible now to get approved for loan through a phone call.    

About the Company

3 Steps Title Loans is a Sacramento, CA based lending agency.

To know more, visit http://3stepstitleloans.com/

Watch the explainer video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-iiWaGNRkc

Call (916) 970 1930 for more information.

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