Four New Case Studies Detail Aquira’s Value to Real Clients

Detailed new studies show how company’s suite of services produces improved marketing results in a wide range of environments, Aquira reports.

Four new case studies at show how Aquira’s industry-leading services help clients find new customers, up-sell to existing ones, and become more efficient. Since the company’s founding in 2007, Aquira has become a valuable partner for many blue-chip and growing businesses by offering a range of innovative tools and services that produce improved marketing outcomes. The four new case studies at the Aquira website show in concrete ways how Aquira’s Data Cyclone™, Hot Leads™, The Pulse™, and other services generate new and improved business for clients and help make them more efficient.

“Merely amassing collections of customer and lead data is only part of the answer for businesses today,” Aquira co-founder and CEO Mark Walton said, “Even the largest and potentially richest data stores are of little use without effective ways of revealing what they have to offer. Among other things, our unique, exclusive suite of services can help our clients build up and leverage data collections that directly improve their levels of business. The four new case studies at our website show not just the impressive value of our offerings but how they can be fruitfully applied in a wide range of situations.”

Even while they have access to more information than ever before, many modern businesses find it difficult to make the most of these assets. Building up detailed records of every individual interaction with customers, for example, might be thought to be inherently useful, but learning from and taking advantage of such databases often proves to be an intimidating task.

Aquira was founded in 2007 to provide help to companies facing these challenges and others like them. With many years of experience in their respective industries, Aquira co-founders Mark Walton, a direct marketing specialist, and Marilyn Barnes, a customer service, contact-center, and outsourcing expert, began the new operation as a consultancy, finding specific ways for particular clients to improve their business results.

Since then, Aquira has grown rapidly, branching out into the design and production of sophisticated software tools and other proprietary systems that target the real needs of clients today. On the customer and lead data side, products like Data Cyclone and Hot Leads filter through enormous stores of information to produce the most relevant and valuable insights, greatly easing the process of finding new customers or deriving more value from existing ones.

Other Aquira services slot in at different points in the sales cycle, as by providing fully outsourced, expertly trained sales staff when needed or highly effective telemarketing services. The Pulse, a proven, proprietary Aquira process, quickly and cost-effectively identifies new ways to make any company more efficient, improving the basic value of the company’s other offerings in the process.

The four new case studies at the Aquira website show how the tools in this wide-ranging collection have produced rewarding results for real companies in a variety of different industries and situations.

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With a wide range of direct marketing, data management, lead generation, performance engineering, and other services, Aquira helps clients find new customers and do more business with existing ones.

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