W12 – Technology can be a Useful Meeting Aid

Businesses are utilising technology to get the most out of meetings

Technology has helped companies to evolve. It can be used to improve efficiency and convenience. Many traditional methods are being replaced or are adapting.

Tony Steedman from W12 Conferences said “meetings are hugely important to all businesses as they get key decision makers together to discuss things. In the past this meant everyone meeting in the same place however now with the help of video conferencing technology, people can be included in meetings even if they are in a remote location.”

“The 2008 recession was hard for many businesses with everyone having to tighten their belts. Companies stopped taking risks as they couldn’t afford to lose money, even if it meant paying more. Businesses started to run more face to face conferences as they were a great way of building trust. Conferences allow businesses to get in front of potential clients as well as others in the industry together to discuss a topic of common interest. Some companies use them as a method of increasing sales, others run them to increase brand awareness or to launch a new product.”

Mr. Steedman went on to say “many people predicted that the number of conferences would fall due to improved video conferencing technology but this hasn’t happened. Face to face conferences are more effective than webinars. They are more expensive but they enable you to network with your delegates, and this is hugely valuable. Networking with delegates allows you to build those all important business relationships which simply is not possible with webinars and video conferences.”

“Technology can be a valuable aid to meetings and allows you to do more. You no-longer have to schedule meetings for when everyone is in town. You can offer vastly improved flexibility.  

W12 Conferences offers meeting rooms for hire in West London and has a variety of meeting and conference rooms that are bright and modern with up to date audio visual equipment. 

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