Practical Devotional Tool for New Believers Meets a Need

Out of a desire to help new believers grow, a veteran pastor has formulated a resource to encourage spending daily time with God. Brian Wangler has had the privilege of seeing hundreds make first-time commitments to Christ in his churches over the past twenty years. To fill a need for basic instruction on having “God moments” outside the church, and to help jump-start new relationships with God, Wangler has written God Time: Your First 31 Days (Redemption Press).

Wangler who has led rural and suburban churches ranging in attendance from five to 1,000 says, “Our church experienced explosive growth through the conversion of new believers and we wanted to help them learn how to have quiet time with God and engage the Scriptures.” He is convinced that the sooner the individual has a “God moment” outside of a worship service or Bible study, the sooner his or her personal development as a believer will take on a life of its own.

Each day’s reading addresses the basics of the Christian life and deepens understanding of God and prayer in an engaging and non-preachy style. Questions are answered using real-life and biblical illustrations. What just happened to me? Why do I need to go to church? What’s the big deal about baptism? What if I blow it? How do I know God is talking to me?

Grant Heckman, Connections Pastor of Chicago First Church of the Nazarene says, “We give God Time to all of our new believers and it is great. It helps them get into the Bible quickly and answers basic questions in an encouraging, easy-to-read format. Every church should have this tool on hand to immediately give new believers.” Matt Robinson, a church planter from Second Chance Church in Indianapolis, IN calls the devotional a “quintessential resource for any new believer.”

A sought-after coach and mentor, Brian Wangler teaches principle-driven leadership and is lead pastor of a Chicago-area church. He blogs and provides leadership and spiritual-growth resources at

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