\’Hope shades\’ are here to spread more hope, now live on Indiegogo

All around the world today, people are desperate for change and deeply in need of Hope. A hope that the hungry can be well nourished, that children around the globe have access to a decent education, a hope that cures can be discovered and provided for illnesses that plague this beautiful planet. A Hope that everyone can go to sleep at night feeling safe from all that they fear. HOPE SHADES is redefining the way we all hope by turning this positive thought and belief into a measurable impact through action, greatly impacting this green earth.

In October of 2015, the founders of Hope Shades got together and decided to start a company that impacted the world. They wanted to set an example for companies around the globe showing that for profit companies can make a change too, that everything doesn’t have to be left to the non-profit organizations of the world, and so, Hope Shades was born.

Step 1: Business Model – The business model is simple, find a product that can come in various colors, associate a color with a cause and contribute to the cause every time the product is sold. Easy. There are so many needs and problems in the world that we didn’t think it was fair to just pick one. So we picked a ton. Education, Breast cancer, saving the environment, feeding the hungry, preserving marine life, providing clean water to everyone, support for veterans who risk their lives for our safety, and many more causes that need a little hope and a lot of change.

Step 2: The Product – Sunglasses, the frames come in various colors, each color representing a cause. They’re UV400 and polarized, wayfarer-style, and pretty freaking stylish so you’re getting a pair of amazing shades AND giving hope to people all over the planet. Oh and did we mention that they’re eco-friendly and ethically produced? They’re made of recycled resin, bamboo posts, and use only CE Certified facilities that are checked by a third party.

Step 3: Prove Hope Works – The guys behind Hope Shades were trying to discover what it truly means to give Hope. They’d pass a homeless man everyday on the way to the office, and after a few days of seeing him there on the streets, invited him to sit down for dinner with them at a restaurant. They discovered that this man was smart, very smart. His name, Riccardo, speaks 6 languages, traveled the world 7 times, had a place in Monaco with a beautiful Porsche at 21, a Rolls Royce at 27, he lived the high life in Penthouse Suites dating super models and then… one thing after another went wrong leaving him on the streets, cold, hungry and begging for almost 2 years. A hot shower, trendy haircut, new wardrobe, a warm home and the Hope Crew behind him has transformed this man’s life. He is now writing his autobiography which is absolutely mind-blowing, he is starting a new travel guide business and is now a proud shareholder in Hope Shades devoting his life to helping others. He shows up to the office early and leaves late everyday proving to the team that Hope is real, “lifechangingly real”.

Hope Shades launched on Indiegogo on January 15th 2016, and will launch worldwide on February 15th 2016! We need your help to spread HOPE throughout this world we ALL share.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HopeShades/timeline

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Company Name: HOPE SHADES
Contact Person: Peter Grisham
Email: pete@hopeshades.com
Phone: (224)717-0772
Country: United States
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