Secured2 Protects Brookdale Health from Data Breaches with its Unhackable Solution

“There is a wealth of data buried inside health records that make this type of identity theft attractive for criminals. Theoretically speaking, it’s our civic duty to protect our patient health information and Secured² does this for us.”

Minneapolis, MN – January 19, 2016 – In the wake of last year’s healthcare data breach headlines, Secured²  Corporation announced today it installed its end-to-end unhackable, disaster-proof data security solution for Brookdale Health.

Brookdale Health is a Minneapolis, MN-based healthcare clinic that provides care focused on patients injured from auto accidents incorporating doctors of chiropractic, doctors of physical therapy and massage therapy for patient care. Secured²  (installed) its proprietary data security software with its “shrink > shred > secure” methodology at Brookdale Health along with LiquidCool Solutions’ Rugged Terrain (RT) liquid-cooled, high performance, ruggedized computing system. This combination of software and hardware will protect Brookdale Health from any form of environmental or hacking catastrophe.

“There is a wealth of data buried inside health records that make this type of identity theft attractive for criminals,” said Dr. Kent J. Erickson, founder of Brookdale Health. “Theoretically speaking, it’s our civic duty to protect our patient health information and Secured² does this for us.”

According to Ponemon Institute, an independent research firm for privacy, data protection and information security policy, the percentage of healthcare organizations that have reported a criminal cyber attack has risen to 40 percent in 2013 from 20 percent in 2009. Stolen healthcare records often include patient names, invoice numbers, procedure codes, dates of service, charge amounts, balance due, policy numbers, and billing-related status comments, as well as patient social security numbers, home addresses, telephone numbers and date of birth. Sensitive stolen data is typically bought and sold on the black market or monetized by buying and selling patients’ prescriptions.

“Healthcare providers and hospitals are some of the easiest networks to breach, and data encryption is touted as the most important security protocol, but data encryption is simply not enough,” said Daren Klum, CEO of Secured². “The strongest of the encryption algorithms can be defenseless against attack, even if implemented without errors or used appropriately. Our software actually changes the internal architecture of digital information without harming data and then disperses it randomly. Additionally each bit is tagged for restoration on-demand.”

By utilizing Secured²’s patented process and technology, which reduces data by more than 90% while simultaneously converting it into a secure format and then randomly shredding the data into multiple locations, Brookdale Health has prepared itself for the elevated level of today’s criminal data thieves. 

Brookdale Health is also running Secured²’s data security software on LiquidCool Solutions’ LCS-RT server, Secured²’s preferred hardware partner. Built for harsh environments, the LCS-RT features a rugged all-metal enclosure with waterproof I/O connectors. The electronics are protected from humidity, dust, oxidation, and corrosive gases, and its fan-free design means the system is highly reliable and energy efficient.

The combination of Secured²’s software and the LiquidCool Solutions hardware provides protection from fires, floods, EMP or even data breaches, giving customers a level of resiliency not available on the market before now.

About Secured²  Corporation

Secured² Corporation is a data security software company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Secured² is the pioneer of new data security technology utilizing a ‘shrink > shred > secure’ methodology combined with new compression technology that reduces the size of data by up to 90%. The core product “Data Shredder” shrinks, shreds, secures and converts data into a random format. It then encrypts each shred using NIST certified encryption and randomly distributes the encrypted shreds across any multi-location storage a customer chooses (multiple clouds, hybrid locations or local storage destinations).

Secured²’s simple solution: imagine a thief gets into your business and opens your safe. What they will find with Secured² is shredded information. Your data is safe. Period. Secured² continues to redefine the data security landscape and is in the process of rolling out several new products based on our core methodologies of data conversion, data shredding, randomized delivery of shreds into diverse storage and instant data restoration after multi-factor authentication. With over 17 patents Secured² will continue driving innovation for its customers that require 100% security of their most critical and important data assets. 

For more information, visit: http://www.Secured².com

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