The ”Barbarian” gets a mobile game of his own!

Jan 19, 2016 – Long sweeping tresses, a full beard, complete with 6 packs and ever ready to give up his life in a brawl… How can the manliest man of them all – The Barbarian, not get a mobile game of his own?

To give the Barbarians the limelight they deserve, Orion Interactive has released “I am Barbarian”, a free-to-play casual mobile game to celebrate the lesser-sung hero.

The retro-style running game forms the basis of the Barbarian’s mission, because there is nothing like running wild and feeling the wind in hair to let a Barbarian feel like he is born free.

Unlock a slew of barbaric characters along the way to rescue the ill-fated Princess who has been abducted! (AGAIN?) Whenever you get sick running as the blonde bloke, you can always just switch to another barbaric character. The glory of rescuing the princess will forever belong to the Barbarians, as no Barbarians will be playing second fiddle to another character class in this game!

Also, unlike other endless running games, there is a twist.

A different ending if you choose NOT to save the princess. 

Inspired by console games like Double Dragon and Super Mario from the 80s, Orion Interactive made this game for players to find that similar surge of excitement within a minute.

“I am Barbarian” is the first of the “I am…” series by Orion Interactive, which is keen in developing simple and interactive entertainment across mobile and television format.

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