Which One Is Better? Solowheel Orbit or Airwheel F3 self-balancing Electric Unicycle

These two products Orbit and F3 created respectively by Solowheel and Airwheel present several similarities in terms of the appearance and the function. For those potential buyers keen on this model, they must wonder which one is better. After reading the following, the answer will be disclosed.

In the market there are lots of similar products which always confuse consumers. For instance, Solowheel Orbit and Airwheel F3 self-balancing electric unicycle are similar. In terms of the exterior, both scooters are unicycles mounted with one wheel with hubless design aiming to lessen the weight. They are designed exclusive App to connect vehicles in order to inform riders of all information about vehicle conditions. Moreover, they are both powered by Sony batteries. Apparently, there still exist some differences between those two.

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The main colors adopted by Solowheel are black with bright red, while Airwheel F3 employs black with white accent. But Solowheel has another option, white with bright red. Both scooters enjoy the same propaganda slogan: Portable yet Innovative. Solowheel Orbit electric unicycle says riders can carry the orbit directly; Airwheel says riders can use the concealed handle except for the annular body.

Airwheel F3 annular electric unicycle

About material selection, Solowheel’s case made of high-polymer polycarbonate is tough and lightweight. The whole frame created by N45 magnetic steel with features like high temperature resistance and strong magnetic force without demagnetization. F3’s annular body is covered a transparent shell made of PC&ABS composite materials with such features as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance.

A sheet can be objective to be clear about these two electric scooters.

Item Name



Max Load

Top Speed

Charging Time

Battery Capacity


Rated Incline

Solowheel Orbit








30 degrees

Airwheel F3








15-18 degrees

From the figures in the form, it seems that they are almost the same in the performance since their ranges are not suitable for long distance. If someone prefers the lighter and more portable, Solowheel orbit excels because it only weights 4kg with loading capacity 115kg. Furthermore, it can conquer the gradient with 30 degrees. However, Airwheel F3 annular electric unicycle is slight stronger in the range. So the answer about which one is better is in each reader’s heart.

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