Men Going Their Own Way movement is partnering the male members to fight for their pride

INDIA – Jan 20, 2016 – With the growing engagement of feminism all over the world, the Men Going Their Own Way movement is a relatively new phase into this domain. Since this is much about the male and female relationship status, hence it has become the reason of ridicule by one and all.

Most importantly, people are understanding it in a different light before making such comments, diluting the actual purpose of this organisation. When the whole world is going gaga over how women are treated, it becomes quite a sight to check out what men have to say regarding their rights being strained.

According to Ramsay Taylor, a renowned sociologist, states: “Men Going Their Own Way movement is just another of those cry baby antics which come for a certain period of time and vanishes soon afterwards.”

In this respect, it is quite noteworthy that there are no proper arguments that are being forwarded by those group of men who are ridiculing the people concerned. Following the shaming tactic, they wish to put an end to this whole idea that is being raised by the new group of men who wish to have a view of their own in regards to the contemporary women. 

According to the movement, this is one of those unique cases of self-ownership. In this regard it is important that people have a thought process of their own and thereby use it to make a path in this world. It is a feeling of pride and a sense of luck. 

According to Donald Barretto, this is extremely necessary, because the mid-life crisis, takes a huge turn. “People generally have this query that they quit their job and look forward, they only have a sea of emptiness before them.” There are a series of such issues, wherein men have a fear in getting engaged to a western woman, simply because of the fact that the chances of getting dumped and ensuing in legal battles become more common.

The whole idea of this movement originates from the data that is provided by the various US records. As per the CDC reports 51% of the marriages end in divorce. Not just that only around 30% of the fathers are raising children who are not biologically their own as per the National Parenting Association. Apart from that around there are records of 94% alimony payments. All these aspects make the whole issue all the more sensitive, and the need for this movement all the more special.

Also was in recent news the false rape allegations that are made against the men who have had sexual relationships with women of the west. November 2014 reporting of the Rolling Stone Magazine was quite similar, where members of University Of Virginia fraternity was accused of raping a girl, known as Jackie. Though rival articles too covered the same incident, yet it was found that Sabrina Erdely had not confirmed the presence of any fraternity member on the day of the rape.

Quite in a similar case, we find Bill Cosby suing 7 women for emotional distress, after a gap of about 40 years.

So the whole idea is packed into this domain that rather than chasing western women and getting ensnared into legal battles of paternity, or sperm jacking, going one’s own way and carving out a niche for himself is a perfect and better option.

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