My First Time to Ride Airwheel Z3 Electric Scooter

Due to my friend’s invitation, I’ve got the chance to ride a two-wheeled electric scooter with an electronic braking. The whole process of the ride, it goes smooth. The strong feeling is that it’s easy-to-learn it. But it seems not helpful to carry your other personal items.

Since my friend bought a scooter, he invited me to try it which is a new device in his eyes. In order to meet his vanity, I promised to show up on that day. When I saw the electric scooter, I was not be surprised for it is very normal in the exterior whether the design or the structure. Owning to the trademark pasted on the vehicle saying Airwheel Z3, its code name is Z3.

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Z3 is simple in the looking with normal handlebars – one is for braking and the other one is for rotating to change speed. Two 8-inch wheels are mounted in the steel frame although some parts are made by aluminium alloy. I put one foot on the pedal with two hands holding handlebars, and another foot could also be step on the deck. Then rotate the right handlebar to move forward. After 5minutes I can ride it smoothly including turning in the narrow place.

two-wheeled electirc scooter

After I said this scooter was ordinary, my friend gave me a long face. It turned out that Z3 is paired with an exclusive App to connect the vehicle by user’s phone. I had to scan the QR code, and install it in my phone. My friend told me that all data about the two-wheeled electirc scooter will display on the phone. And there is a phone stand to fix the user’s phone. This design is really humnized. For I like to carry a handbag within my hand, it’s not conveninent when riding Z3. It doesn’t have any available place to hold or hang the other peronal items except for the phone. Moreover, the range is could run is less than 20 kilometers. Anyway I didn’t like it too rmuch, however, I had to say it’s powerful for the sake of my friend.

In general, Z3 motorized scooter is not quite helpful for its range and limits on the practical function although it has a swapable bttery design. But if you want to a lover of scooter, then it’s woth trying it.

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