Los Angeles Contractor Does 1000 Acts of Kindness for Holiday Season

“Absolute Maintenance and Consulting”
Absolute Maintenance and Consulting Illuminates the Act of Contributing with the yearly tradition of providing 1000 actions of kindness around the holidays.

Los Angeles, CA  – January 2016 – Three days before Christmas, on a gloomy afternoon, eighteen employees from Absolute Maintenance and Consulting came together on Tuesday, December 22nd, while it was drizzling outside. The raindrops from above began to create a tappity-tap-tap sound against the windows. Although the rain proceeded, the prime focus was to succeed in bringing to pass an uplifting day of giving back to the community of Long Beach.

Holiday music lightly sprinkled the atmosphere as well as good-humored laughter and animated conversations throughout the office. The finishing touches of wrapping gifts and making out holiday cards impelled the time to slip through their fingers as the hand struck 1 o’clock. It was time. The creators that dedicated their time for the project, Personal Assistant, Alicia Do Roo and Office Manager, Jessica De Soto, commenced in finalizing everything before having everyone head out for the day. While the last of the cards and gifts were carried down by Office Manager, Jasmine Caveness and Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager, Brittany Figgins, Ms. De Soto instituted a meeting in instructing the main purpose for today.  She said, “Be the miracle in someone’s life, be their light that they need.” The owner of Absolute Maintenance, Cameron Figgins added, “Yes, let’s be a blessing for someone else today.”

Eighteen people were divided into four teams with significant assignments to fulfill. Each paper revealed a heartfelt, inspirational message, which stated, “You never know the powerful impact you can have upon others by claiming the freedom to express who you really are. It is said that the miracle of your greatest acts are never known to you. Especially when these acts come from full, open-hearted expression! Therefore, on this day, let’s share the turn up of love, and give back.”

Kevin Heimlich Owner of The Ad Firm joined the team to give back “The best part of the day would have to be when we visited the Veterans Hospital in Long Beach, they paid a high price for our freedom so it is the least we could do.” The members were assigned three to four places to go to. To name a few, the Fire Department, the Police Station, the Veteran’s Hospital and the Women’s Shelter. The four teams committed themselves in giving thank you cards to the brave Vets, Policemen, and Firemen for their services, presents for different shelters throughout Long Beach, and holiday cards with a financial surprise, as a random act of kindness for the unfortunate.

As 5 o’clock approached it was time for everyone to come back together again to share the beautiful memories they experienced, the people they helped, impacted and changed for the better good, over some cocktails and bistro food of course. Every employee at the table had a unique story to share, nevertheless, inspiring.

On that unique Tuesday, a new beginning arose throughout the hearts of the people who work at Absolute Maintenance and Consulting. Not only did they change the lives of the people they crossed paths with, but planted a seed of love and hope as well, in not giving up on life.

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