Empire Investigations LLC Goes Undercover with “Models to Role Models” to Help Clothe & Warm the Homeless this Winter!

On January 13th, 2016, with wind chill temperatures in the negatives, Empire Investigations LLC CEO Robert Kresson teamed up with “Models to Role Models” top model Soigne Legacy, and local fitness model and recent runner-up in the Miss JetSet Magazine competition, Rebecca Eger to organize a donation to help give warm clothes to Pittsburgh’s homeless as winter and the deep freeze begins to sink in in Western Pennsylvania. Soigne has taken the initiative to bypass common stereotypes by creating M2RM and a mission statement that stresses to “Be a light, not a judge. Be a model, not a critic.” This statement could not ring more true for Soigne as she takes her passion of helping others and those less fortunate by being that light.

In 2014, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that there were more than1,500 homeless people in the city of Pittsburgh with than 100 of those being completely unsheltered. By partnering with Empire Investigations and Robert Kresson, Soigne Legacy helps make a dent in those who are suffering this winter season and give back to a community that she cares for so deeply. Kresson, being a private investigator for more than 30 years, has done surveillance in nearly every part of the city, including areas that don’t make the news. By helping to organize this cause, Kresson hopes to raise awareness for these struggling communities and unite the city to combat homelessness by spreading kindness to one another and set an example for the country to follow.

The event was a part of Empire’s new philanthropy program called “Acts of Kindness” where Kresson and his team at Empire Investigations LLC, are challenging people from around the world to commit random acts of kindness and upload them to his site where at the end of each month, a different act will be chosen and given $100 prize. At the end of the year the final 12 will be taken and voted on for the yearly grand prize!

You can begin to upload and submit your Acts of Kindness by visiting Empire’s www.areyoususpicious.com

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