Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC Announces New CoffeeDog® Original Coffee Liquor Brewing Kit

Home-Brewed Energy Cocktail Beats Major Coffee Liquor Brands in Overall Value

LOS ANGELES – Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC has announced the launch of its CoffeeDog® Craft Spirits Kit. Made only from the finest organic ingredients, Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC has developed the perfect recipe starring its unique California organic dark roast coffee. The company has built a beverage kit delivering a complete crafting experience and the coffee liquor that comes about is superb for many tasty cocktails and recipes.

The premium CoffeeDog® Craft Spirits Kit uses only 100% pure organic ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. All the customer needs to provide is a 750ml bottle of premium vodka. The secret to the resulting CoffeeDog® coffee liqueur’s deep flavor, rich aroma, and silky smooth body is a proprietary blend of exclusive organic coffee from California, fresh Madagascar vanilla beans and organic cane sugar. A great benefit to mindful cocktail connoisseurs, CoffeeDog® coffee liqueur is vegan!

Founded by Rick Ayres and Jeffrey Hersh, Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC is the creator of the unique CoffeeDog® brand, a brew-it-yourself craft spirits experience. Beginning in 2009 in Los Angeles, California, only a few bottles of CoffeeDog® were crafted to give to Rick and Jeffrey’s exclusive circle of friends. After many reviews and suggestions from family and friends, the secret formula for CoffeeDog® was refined to perfection. Now, this exquisite taste of vanilla and coffee liqueur is ready for everyone to enjoy. Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC was eventually founded in 2015.

Because the CoffeeDog® kit has its origin in sharing a wonderful time with friends and loved ones, “The mission of Bulldog Brewery LA, LLC is simply to reunite customers and enable them to experience life with the precious people in their world.” According to Ayres and Hersh, “Wouldn’t it be so much fun if you could brew your very own specialty coffee and vanilla craft liqueur for your family, friends, and co-workers right at home? We have felt the same way for many years. Now, you can be the superstar of this rare home brew, too! The experience of brewing your own CoffeeDog® coffee liqueur is unique and engaging for everyone involved. The love you put into it will be shared among your friends and loved ones. This is a gorgeous gift of love!”

Bulldogbreweryla.com recommends many wonderful easy-to-follow recipes for beverages and dishes on their site. And now customers can explore the creativity utilizing CoffeeDog®  in many ways, such as making “CoffeeDog® French Toast” and “CoffeeDog® Truffles.” 

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For more information, go to http://www.bulldogbreweryla.com

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