Community Vision Launches Single Cable Solution for Communal-Dish Sky+ Access

Effective new upgrade can run as little as 25 GBP per unit while giving residents full access to Sky+ features, with over 200 blocks already surveyed, Community Vision reports.

Community Vision, one of the United Kingdom’s leading communal dish installation specialists for over 20 years, announced the immediate availability of the company’s new Single Cable Solution upgrade. Giving residents of apartment blocks and other multi-family dwellings access to the full power of the Sky+ television service, the Single Cable Solution neatly overcomes the limitations traditionally associated with satellite-based communal aerial systems. As one of only two Authorised Sky Homes Agents in South East England and one of only six in the entire country, Community Vision consistently provides top quality service to every client.

“We’re proud to announce that our Single Cable Solution upgrade is now available to all,” Community Vision representative Amanda Peters said, “Enjoying the full Sky+ experience is no longer reserved for those with their own individual satellite dishes. Hundreds of our customers are now taking advantage of all that Sky+ has to offer with our communal dish installations, watching and recording programs simultaneously and more.”

While those who live in freestanding, individual family homes often find it convenient to equip their dwellings with satellite dishes to make use of television services like those offered by Sky, that is not always an option. Apartment buildings with dozens of residences within, for example, will generally not allow for this, with it often being impractical or impossible to clutter a structure with a dish for each unit.

Since 1993, Community Vision has been providing satisfying answers to challenges of this sort. With IRATA-certified technicians making use of abseiling and other specialized skills, the company installs satellite dishes and aerials that can provide the desired television reception for dozens of families at once.

Even while being a rewarding option in its own right, this approach did sometimes traditionally involve some limitations and drawbacks. When the Sky+ service was first introduced in 2002, for example, users of communal systems were often disappointed to find that they could not make use of its features. While those with dedicated, individual satellite dishes were able to use Sky+ to watch one program while recording a different one, residents of apartment buildings and the like were left out.

With the introduction of Community Vision’s Single Cable Solution, this no longer needs to be an issue. Upgrade costs as low as £25 per unit can provide residents will access to the full range of popular Sky+ features and do so without undue disruption of service. Having already surveyed more than 200 blocks in London and the South East encompassing more than 8000 units, Community Vision is well positioned to provide this valuable upgrade to even more clients.

About Community Vision Ltd:

Since 1993, Community Vision has designed and installed communal aerial and satellite systems that provide convenient community-wide access to television broadcasts and services. Now working with hundreds of managing agents throughout the South East, the company’s systems are in place at more than 5,000 buildings, serving over individual 100,000 residences.

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