Upkeep Media Announces They Now Offer Digital Marketing for Commercial Clients

The digital marketing services benefit all in the commercial real estate industry, including property management firms and commercial cleaning companies, reports UpkeepMedia.com

According to LinkedIn, the Internet influences real estate purchases to the tune of $43 billion dollars. Individuals searching for a new home often turn to this valuable resource to examine the choices they have and narrow the potentials down to only those homes that meet their needs. For this reason, individuals and companies in the real estate market need to be making full use of digital marketing to expand their reach, and Upkeep Media, an up and coming digital marketing agency that specializes in commercial real estate services, can be of help with this.

“Our organization provides a range of digital marketing services for businesses operating in the real estate industry, including commercial cleaning companies, real estate investment firms and property management firms. Regardless of what the company needs, whether it be help with local SEO or website development, our team goes into action to help. All customers must do is ask,” Stephen Fox, spokesperson for Upkeep Media, announces.

Wearesocial.net reports that more than two billion individuals are using social media across the globe, making networks of this type a valuable marketing tool for businesses of any kind. New customers find they can easily access a company using this medium, and existing customers know they can turn to their preferred network to connect with the company effortlessly. Real estate professionals discover they can choose those networks which best meet their needs and expand their reach in a short period of time. This includes popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“Search engines have taken notice of the social networks and turn to them when ranking a site. Actually, many specialists in the SEO field equate the social networks with link building of the past. When a company has a strong presence on the social networking site, the search engines consider them to be legitimate. Every real estate professional needs to keep this in mind when creating a digital marketing strategy,” Fox continues.

In addition to offering social media management services, Upkeep Media provides assistance with local SEO, local map packs and more. The blog (www.upkeepmedia.com/blog) provides a wealth of information visitors will find to be of great aid, including information on using Pinterest for businesses, the importance of a website for cleaning businesses and more. Every visitor should take time to explore the site to learn more.

“While on the site, be sure to sign up for the free PDF on commercial real estate SEO. Information is vital when a company wishes to stay ahead of their competitors. Upkeep Media helps with this, by providing a variety of services and resources designed to keep real estate professionals informed at all times. Check it out today for great results,” Fox declares.

About Upkeep Media:

Upkeep Media consists of a team of creative digital marketers, search engine optimization experts and graphic designers, all committed to providing top quality digital marketing real estate services. They work with a variety of real estate companies worldwide. They cover every aspect needed for a company’s online presence and branding, enhancing the real estate provider’s Internet presence by focusing on driving quality traffic to his or her website. The goal is to increase the number of quality leads visiting the site, so the client can convert those leads into actual business.

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