Company Announces Availability of Pine Pollen Powder & Tongkat Ali Extract for People to Achieve Health Benefits Naturally

Rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Pine Pollen Powder & Tongkat Ali Extract are supplied by TCM Adaptogen Warehouse for people to benefit from natural herbs and traditional Chinese medicine.

The Chinese Biotech Company supplies herbal extracts directly to the consumer with an assurance of purity and the best price guarantee. Anyone can rest assured of getting the best quality herbal extracts for enjoying their health benefits.

The company supplies cracked or uncracked pine pollen that is a rich source of protein. This yellow fine powder is prepared from 100% handpicked catkins and there is no industrial contamination or pesticide residue. This is the reason why it is safe for human consumption and one can find dozens of types of vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients intact in the powder. It does not contain any animal hormone, but is a rich source of phyto-androgen that is essential to the body. One can procure it directly from TCM Adaptogen Warehouse and can witness sea changes in their health after a regular consumption.

pine pollen powder-TCM Adaptogen Warehouse

The Himalayan region in the southwest China is remarkable for its thick pine forest vegetation. TCM Adaptogen Warehouse gathers pollens from the region and develops pine pollen powder through a scientific and rigorous process. The cell wall is broken using pneumatic cracker and impurities are eliminated carefully, making it pure and perfect for human consumption. With the microwave sterilization process, the active ingredients are kept intact in the powder. Humans can consume the powder as a health food without experiencing any toxic side effect.

Customers can also place orders for tongkat ali extract powder with several active ingredients, such as Eurycomanone, Eurycomanol, Eurycomalactone and other Alkaloids. This fine yellow powder is soluble in water and can be consumed regularly to boost the testosterone level. The powder is extracted from the Tongkat Ali tree that is a native species in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The extract is found intact with an anti-oxidant enzyme that exhibits a higher level of anti-oxidation properties. It has several kinds of real health benefits that make it an important herbal extract for the mankind.

At TCM Adaptogen Warehouse, all herbal products are carefully processed to help maintain the product quality. One can place an order for any of their products by visiting their website

About TCM Adaptogen Warehouse

TCM Adaptogen Warehouse (Also known as Xi’anTCM Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd)  is an experienced bio-tech enterprise for manufacturing and marketing natural ingredients for around 10 years with their facility spread over 46,000.00 sq ms in area, equipped with Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC&SHIMADZU UV Visible Photometer dectectors, and the 100,000 level purification workshop.  This is how they keep superior quality and offer competitive pricing for global valued customers.

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