NewYork Park Ave based Haute Couture Designer makes history with LaBiennale’ de Venice 2015/16 High Art Award

Park Avenue based New York Designer wins High Art Award at La Biennale de Venice for 2016 Couture Collection

VENICE, ITALY – Jan 20, 2016 – New York based Haute Couture, and Black Tie Gala Dress designer Mialana  Boutte’-deSoleil, known as L deSoleil, of Nolah Elan (.com) Park Ave, and Fox Sports’s 1’s SPEED Channel, made History as one of precious few International  Clothing designers to have creations win the  Best Costumer, and prestigious Very Special Award at La Biennale’, an  Award  normally designated for the worlds top artists. Now, with Boutte’-DeSoleil’ s win, the definition would now include Couture  Fashion Designers. 

Presented with the Very special Award at the Exclusive La Biennale and Swatch Holiday  Finale’ Bal Masque, held at the Palazzo of the Grand Lagoon. Swatch International Creative Director  Carlos, said of L while giving her the Very Special Award, “If you have been around LaBiennale for the last week, you cannot miss our next award recipient, she is a bright light, and soon to be one of the worlds International stars, we now give a very special award to our beautiful, stylish, L,” to which Boutte’-de Soleil  received a standing ovation.

This is LdeSoleil’s 2nd collection for Nolah Elan, which as a design house is known for taking risks with new techniques and technology in her created  presentations of Haute Couture, handsewn, tailored dresses.

The Award winning pieces from the 2016 collection took 3-4 weeks on total, each to sew completely by hand.

“It was so surreal,” says deSoleil, a former covergirl,  major award show red carpet correspondent, and contributing producer to The InsiderTV. “I knew that the traditional Venetian Burano Lace would wow them, but to have the other dresses be so loved, and to feel so  awesome  amongst the world’s premiere artists and win something as special as this. It truly solidifies the dying artistry of us purveyors of  Haute Couture, and confirms what I have always felt: that fashion, when done superbly, is a moving painting, is wearable art.”

De Soleil said she and her  Tailors communicate 24hrs a day  so that her sketches and collages come to life as she envisioms them. La Biennale is the worlds oldest and most prestigious  Art Organzition and High Art Festival, and the parent of hugely successful Art Basel in Miami, which would be considered the poor mans La Biennale. Imagine that!

Every 2 years in Venice, in partnership with Sponsor Swatch Watch, La Biennale fills ancient Palaces  and High Art Pavillons with numerous Large scale Art Installations, that Swatch International oversees. It then takes  2 years of cultivation in Shanghai, upon then being reassembled intothe massive  Pavillon spaces in Venice. The huge undertaking has its results  in the truly breathtaking, and sometimes massive displays at LaBiennale.

Art lovers and some of the worlds wealthiest collectors descend on Venices 117 islands to walk miles of installations  during the day, and dine in 500 year old Venetian  Palazzos at night.

Intoduced to the  SwatchWatch Prive’ Club by powerhouse PR agent Isla Silverstein and Kreative Koncepts, Nolah Elan’s designer was quickly dubbed a Swatch Ambassador, and deSoleil was whisked off to Venice as a guest of the world’s premiere corporate private club, The Swatch Watch Prive Club. 

Silverstein says, “The first time I met L, I knew she was a star, but the beauty of her creations makes her clothing stand out in a crowded field. She is one of a kind in Fashion.”

The Black Tie Gala Evening Wear brand  Nolah Elan (.com) was  Launched initially by   Speed Channel, Fox Sports 1   Star LdeSoleil on the #1 hit show, Bling Meets Ching, as an exotic Swimwear line in 2012. DeSoleil, who is noted for her looks, and sophisticated personal style, was hoisted onto a Jaguar in the hand sewn Nolah Elan Swimsuit on national television, and the audience responded with requests to purchase. The results were in the cash registers starting to ring and Nolah Elan was born.

Nolah Elan then had a  double  fall fashion week, Sept 2014 debut: 1 sposored by the Slovakian Embassy and Consul General at the hot Attic Rooftop for Slovak Fashion night out, and a 2nd at the Yotel Rooftop. DeDoleil’s VIP February 2015 Presentation at the Plaza Hotels historic Rose Suite was a success, resulting in orders being placed from Paris, and as far as Dubai. Her partnering Nolah Elan with with the worlds Diamond filtered Vodka, Double Cross Vodka, to create a Luxury feel resonated with High profile guests in attendance.

High profile events such as these, and L’s own stand-out style, star power as a “holly go lightly” about  Manhattan’s elite circles and numerous red carpet appearances,  has endeared her and Nolah Elan to a myriad of growing International stylistas, including: consul generals, diplomats, TV stars, International Pageants and pageant queens, Lebanese brides, Dubai Sheikhs, Shanghai elite, and other Thai and Asian pop and movie stars.

Silverstein agrees with Swatch’s statements about her, “She is the worlds next cocochanel, or valentino, or yves st laurent. She resonates across the world’s borders with a flag that screams opulence. The sheer beauty of the garments, and her magnetism  when she wears them is infectious, and really, what woman doesnt want to get ready and sparkle, and shine.”

Mialana Boutte ‘de Soleil is not resting on her laurels, already having prepared the 40 piece Nolah Elan Black Tie Gala Collections for  both New York and Paris Fashion weeks in 2016/17.

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