Two Atheist Moms Launch SkepticKids A New Clothing Company For Secular, Freethought, Atheist Families

SkepticKids provide quality clothing for children with a clear message that it’s okay to be a non-religious family. Religion has been responsible for many conflicts around the world since time began but still tens of millions of people believe a person can only be good if they have religion. The two moms from the south want to educate the children and families of today and the children of tomorrow that they can be good without God.

Two moms from the South have launched a new clothing for children business with a difference. The new clothing company called SkepticKids provides clothing that is aimed at Secular, Freethought, Atheist Families, with a clear message, ‘You Can Be Good without Believing in God.’

Each week thousands of businesses are set up around the world, but not many of them are set up with a purpose and a message. The two moms from the south wanted to launch a business with a difference. Not only are they providing quality clothing for families while at the same time letting non-religious families know they can be good without God, but they are also donating 10% of their profits to Foundation Beyond Belief. 

Foundation Beyond Belief supports and helps the efforts of humanists who aim to improve the world and life for everyone, a cause that SkepticKids feels the whole world should know about and support. Each shirt that is sold is not only giving a child a great bit of fashion to wear; it also allows them to send out a message that they don’t need God to make a positive impact on the world. SkepticKids is also giving children the pride that their shirt is helping the world become a better place with the donation that’s made to the worthy cause.

SkepticKids, want to encourage people to understand that they do not need religion and want people to understand more about their beliefs. To educate people who are concerned at not having a religious background or belief, they have launched a blog to give people a better understanding (

To learn more about SkepticKids or to purchase one of the quality kids shirts for $20, please visit

About SkepticKids

SkepticKids is a clothing company that provides quality clothing with an aim to send out a clear message that states to people; it is ok not to believe in God.

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