New SEI Club Reviews Showcase Positive Member Feedback The “American Way”

In new SEI Club reviews, club members share positive experiences from their elite matchmaking and dating.

Jan 20, 2016 – As an exclusive matchmaking and dating club, SEI Club is considered by  many to be the best around… in  the world to be precise. With that reputation comes great responsibility.

Says an SEI Club spokesperson: “The gentlemen and women who are admitted as members into the club tend to be very exceptional people. They are intelligent, sophisticated, emotionally and mentally evolved, and generally positive people who have worked hard to earn the best in life… and that’s what we provide in terms of matchmaking and dating; the best service to the most exclusive group of members.”

New SEI Club reviews confirm that the service is up to par, often exceeding the expectations of members. For instance, one woman member shared that she travels frequently between the States and the UK. She said that she has met gentlemen members in both places and is “delighted” with the results. Says the review: “So far all three gentlemen have been good-looking, fun to chat with, and some of the best romantic prospects I have met in such a long time. We are taking it day by day, but I wanted to tell you that I am very, very pleased thus far. I will keep in touch as things progress.”

In other SEI Club reviews, a gentleman member shares his experience which also appears to be positive: “I just want to thank you guys in a big way. Sheila is stunning – better than her profile – and she is a super-sweet, sincere woman. I asked for someone exceptional and you delivered beyond belief. If anything changes I will let you know, but for now I have no interest in meeting anyone else. I have my hands full with this one. Thanks again.” Additional SEI Club reviews share similar sentiments.

Hundreds of SEI Club reviews highlight similar experiences. The SEI Club Facebook page shows hundreds of positive reviews as well with the club having a five star rating overall.

Says an SEI Club spokesperson, “Some of the smaller, less evolved company owners in the matchmaker space are known to publish phony negative reviews   about the larger, more established matchmaking and dating organizations in which they pose an angry clients and so forth (some would say that it is “American way” to compete, but the club absolutely disagrees with this view. As a club spokesperson said: “America has much more to offer.” Says a spokesperson, “Interestingly, SEI Club members are not really the type of people to post reviews online… we often send members emails encouraging them to share their positive feedback… or we will simply get their permission to publish an email we receive from  them when they’re having the time of their life dating through the club. This allows us to share genuine member feedback in the most dignified, yet still private way.”  SEI Club reviews reflect this. It permits international tycoons and top executives to share feedback in a private way while fueling the club’s success for their own dating benefits.

Says another company spokesperson, “Seriously, SEI Club members are indeed some of the most interesting, accomplished, exceptional gentlemen and women in their fields. The club’s amazing members literally make the club what it is. So we very much enjoy adding fun and value to their dating lives in the way that we do. It’s a win-win for everyone and we all have great fun together.”

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