New Small Company Now Offers Improved Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

NEWARK, DE – Jan 20, 2016 – A new company brings to customers brand new Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Sticks. Everybody can now find exclusively at Amazon new marshmallow roasting sticks from Stainless-Steel with wooden handle. Roasting sticks are storable and handy and what is more, safe for kids.

BlueBene has focused on safety, quality and usefulness of this camping cookware. Skewers are useful for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, vegetable and everything tasty and suitable for a fire pit.

Sticks are also great for kids cooking. Thanks to the adjustable length could be kids safety away from the fire and everybody can relax during the calm time around the fire pit.

“Camping can be fun, but anyone who has gone camping knows it can be a huge hassle to pack everything you need to make the experience fun and enjoyable. I am ALWAYS looking for ways to make the things we use more compact, or more compact versions of those things, so when I see something that does that I always want to try it. We have these very long and pointy marshmallow roasting sticks that did not come with any sort of box or carrying container or anything for them. Obviously, kids love to roast marshmallows so we have to take these with us every time we go and they can be a pain to transport. When I received these I was extremely excited because these are telescoping and fold within themselves to be so much more portable than your average marshmallow roasting stick. They are still very durable and not flimsy when extended which was another concern. They are incredibly awesome, I am thrilled to now be able to add this to our camping arsenal,” said Mary, one of the satisfied customers

With regard to the customer’s convenience and pocket, the company offers Marshmallow Roasting Sticks on Amazon.

“I love these! I’ve purchased so many roasting forks in the past, and they always wind up stuck in a corner all bent and ruined. These are great as they telescope out to a nice length but then they shorten back up for storage. I especially love that they have a nice drawstring bag to store them in. This will make these so easy to keep track of. These are also a great value. I’ve seen these in stores, sold individually for almost $10 each, and they didn’t seem any better quality. This is a set of 8, so do the math, that’s a big saving. And don’t forget, if you bought them individually, you wouldn’t have the nice drawstring storage bag. I recommend this set. Great for families that camp, or just for picnics, or backyard cookouts!” – Rebecca

There is a limited time offer for 55% off and the forks are now available for 21.80$.

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