Innovative Shower Hook Design Product Released

Rondo Inc is pleased to announce the release of their new shower liner and curtain hooks. The double hooks come in a set of twelve. The double shower hooks are very stylish and permit easy movement of the curtain and liner along the shower rod. Special limited-time discounted pricing is available.

The shower hooks are very well made, unlike cheap competitors’ products. They have been designed to respond to many of the complaints that are common with the use of other hooks. They allow for hanging the favourite shower liner and decorative shower curtain at the same time. The set of twelve double hooks holds even heavy curtains and liners and slides easily along the rod.

The hooks are easy to place on rods up to one inch in diameter. Once they are placed, the liner or the curtain, or both can be easily attached. The two shower accessories are hung separately, so that only minutes are required to put them in place. The opportunity to change out the appearance of the bathroom with a new curtain is a benefit to those who want to upgrade and refresh the appearance or style with a new curtain.

The hooks are long-lasting, in part because they are chrome plated.  The chrome plating makes them rust-resistant and improves the appearance. Because the hooks are not subject to rust, they retain the shiny appearance much longer.

The cylinder ends of the hooks are designed to fit easily through the grommets of most shower curtains. They measure approximately 5/16” or 7 mm in diameter. The shape of hooks makes them easily able to slide through without sliding out of grommets. Hanging the liner or the curtain takes only a minute. The hooks don’t drag or pull due to the cylindrical rollers. The movement over the curtain rod is smooth and almost effortless.

For most homeowners, occasional laundering of the shower decorative curtain and/or protective liner is required. This is where the full benefit of the double hooks is demonstrated. The curtain or liner can be easily removed individually without the need to remove them both at the same time. Once the curtain or liner is clean, it can be reattached in a matter of seconds.

Because Rondo wants every customer to be fully satisfied with the shower accessories, every purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty. 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed.

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