Ray Ortiz releases his new book, “Beyond the fog” – A journey to self-awareness

Motivational coach and speaker Ray Ortiz has released his new book, “Beyond the fog” on Amazon. The inspirational book is meant to guide the reader on the path of knowledge and self-awareness. The author explains in his book how people fall into the trap of their ego and emotions which leads them into a state of despair and confusion. With his personal experiences and proven techniques, he inspires the readers to overcome these barriers and live a better life.

In the fast paced world, where everyone seems to be running forward yet no one knows where they want to go, the book helps the readers in challenging their status quo and think beyond the conventions and prejudices. The book will support the readers in perceiving the hardships of life into opportunities for their self-empowerment.  The book is currently available on Amazon in kindle, paperback, iTunes and Audible format.

Ray Ortiz has worked as a personal coach with many clients to offer highly personalized training to the individuals. With his vast experience and knowledge he has helped several clients in achieving professional and personal growth they’re seeking.

The individuals can get the assistance, both face to face and over the phone. The initial session will include an assessment to define the short term and long term goals of the individual along with communication skills, personal acceptance and others. After this, a strategy is prepared for attaining these objectives based upon the foundation.

The life coach service offered by Ortiz, named The Eureka Effect specializes in coaching for Personal Growth, Professional Development, Relationship Coaching, Communication Skills, Confidence & Personal Power, Achieving Life Balance and Inner Peace, Organization & Productivity.

About Ray Ortiz

Ray Ortiz is a certified life coach who specializes in personal transitional growth, employee team building and relationships. As a private practitioner, he has worked with various clients and gained immense experience which he utilizes in supporting people to get past the obstacles and lead a better life.

Apart from serving as a personal coach, he is also active in doing presentations on topics such as personal development, achievement and inspired people to do great in their life. His solution focused, empathetic and cooperative approach has led him many loyal clients and a reputation to boast off.  He provides practical feedback to the clients which they can implement in their life for personal and professional growth. He offers various life coach programs tailored to the need and requirement of the client.

More information about Ray Ortiz is available at http://www.theeurekaeffect.info/ and his book can be found on Amazon.

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