40 Perform Launches Exclusive Personal Training Service For Clients Over Forty

The obesity rate in the UK tends to rise with age. See how 40 Perform is addressing this phenomenon and helping people over forty get back in shape and get the body they desire at 40perform.com

According to statistics published by Public Health England, 30-35 percent of men and women between the ages of 45 and 64 are obese in the UK. Unfortunately, obesity seems to become more of a problem for people as they get older, as obesity statistics among those who are younger show a prevalence of less than 20 percent.

It is with an eye on this phenomenon that 40 Perform is announcing the launch of their personal training service built exclusively for those who are over the age of forty. The team hopes that their services will play a huge role in lowering the rate of obesity among older adults across Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Ken Vernall, the MD and Head Trainer at 40 Perform, stated “Obesity is obviously a big problem for people in the UK, particularly among older adults. Unfortunately, there are no training programs available that focus on their specific needs. Over 40 fitness advice can be tricky for other trainers who are used to working with younger clients, but not for us. 40 Perform is the first of its kind as a service that addresses the changes that the body undergoes as the aging process takes place. Our coaches and trainers understand what people over forty need in terms of nutrition and exercise to lose weight, increase mobility, and see real results in their health and fitness.”

As Vernall continues, “The best thing about 40 Perform is that each and every client gets a customized plan that will truly work for them. Each client will work with a personal trainer in Hertfordshire who will take their schedule, likes, and dislikes into account as they design a nutritional plan that will fit those parameters. Then, we’ll provide 1-on-1 or semi-private fitness training. We know that Preventing injuries over 40 is important, and we are trained to both help keep clients from getting injured and to help with rehab in the event that they do sustain an injury. Together, these elements will help clients finally build the physique they have longed to have.”

“What we want for our clients and for the people of Hertfordshire is that they look and feel their best every day. We believe that the 40 Perform nutrition and fitness coaching that we offer can make that dream a reality for those over the age of forty.”

About 40 Perform:

40 Perform is in over-40 personal training service in Hertfordshire that focuses on designing, coaching, and implementing the perfect nutrition plan to transform a client’s physique. Their coaches and trainers understand the challenges that clients face in their lives, and they see it as their mission to work with them to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.

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