Guillaume Van De Laar launches SEO agency website

SOMEREN, NETHERLANDS – Jan 21, 2016 – Any website owner looking for professional SEO services has just been offered a unique opportunity to enjoy first-rate services at a bargain. This is thanks to an announcement recently made by Guillaume Van De Laar – an experienced SEO consultant. Van de Laar recently announced the launch of his SEO agency website.

The website,, is intended to offer first-rate SEO services to any website owner who desires them. These services include search engine marketing, website design & optimization, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and other SEO support services.

According to Van De Laar, the SEO services are designed for those who desire to maximize their website rankings. As such, his SEO company employs the latest white-hat SEO strategies in order to achieve the best website ranking on all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Each service provided by Guillaume is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of a website owner. The ultimate goal is to provide every website owner with an opportunity to achieve the maximum rankings in their niche.

The services take a holistic approach to SEO. This means that a website is optimized to attain maximum rankings on three fronts, i.e. desktop-based searches, mobile searches and local searches. The end result is that a website is competitive on all fronts – thereby ensuring maximum visibility on the web.

According to Van De Laar, motivation for providing holistic services arose from observations he made during his years of work as an affiliate. While providing affiliate services, he noticed that most service providers focused on singular SEO services.

As a result, a website would achieve first page rankings on desktop-based searches, but not appear on the first mobile SERPs. This would prevent a website from achieving its full SEO potential.

Guillaume therefore decided to move from affiliate marketing services to providing SEO services. His motivation was to provide his clients with holistic services. As such, besides direct SEO services, he also provides a host of support services. This includes SEO audits, monitoring and consultancy. The website also provides important SEO tips and strategies which website owners can use to boost their website rankings.

Ultimately, Guillaume can enable every website owner to achieve maximum search engine rankings for their website. This can ultimately give the website exposure, and increase its chances of achieving its goals.

The best part about Guillaume’s services is that they are currently being provided at a discount. This is a limited-time offer announced to commemorate the launch of the website. The discounts mean that website owners can access Guillaume’s SEO services at a bargain. This is an opportunity which no website owner should miss.

Whoever desires to sign up for Guillaume Van De Laar’s SEO services, or find out more about them should visit the recently launched SEO agency website

About Guillaume Van De Laar

Gullaume Van De Laar is an SEO consultant with years of experience in providing SEO services. His areas of expertise include search engine marketing, search engine optimization, local SEO, and internet marketing. Van De Laar honed his skills offering affiliate services to a lot of successful SEO companies. He recently launched his SEO agency website in order to provide first-rate SEO services to his clients.

More information on his services can be found on the Guillaume van de Laar SEO agency website.

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