Sixty is the New Sexy: Hugh Hefner & Maxim May Disagree but Fullips Founder, Linda Gomez, thinks women are sexy at any age and is launching a new beauty company to prove it!

Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner and Maxim May Disagree, but Et Al Beauty, a new beauty company, believes that women can be sexy at every age and is launching new products with that in mind. The company aims to supply products that are simple, inexpensive, and enhance a woman’s natural beauty without the need for invasive or costly procedures. Et Al Beauty’s Founder and CEO, Linda Gomez, also believes that engaging customers to share aging tips and ideas with one another is essential to promoting beauty that is not bound by age. 

While the standards of beauty over the last 50 years have certainly changed, modern concepts of “beautiful” and “sexy” are heavily influenced by popular images featuring young women with slim figures. Mainstream magazines promote being “sexy” as having a flawless complexion, large lips and breasts, gorgeous hair, and tiny waists. Beyond the age of 40, however, when gravity, hormones and life in general all take their toll, these features become difficult or impossible to maintain. The goal at Et Al Beauty is to provide aging consumers a new line of products aimed to help revitalize some of the more youthful features they may desire. 

The CEO’s flagship product was fullips, a lip enhancing tool designed to help naturally plump women’s lips. The enhancers were originally created for older women whose lips had thinned due to age and for women whose medical conditions would not permit the use of fillers. The product quickly caught on for all ages as a safe and natural way for women (and men) to add temporary fullness. Given positive reviews from several doctors on television, along with customers, bloggers, magazines such as Cosmo and Vogue, fullips is now sold worldwide.

After fullips’ success, Gomez says women wrote in seeking help for other common problem areas with their face, neck, breasts, arms and others, which led to the development of her new line. While she is the first to admit she doesn’t have all the answers, she is willing to share whatever ideas she has and loves it when other women do the same. Et Al Beauty firmly believes that “Sixty is the New Sexy,” and is out to help women feel sexy at any age, without working too hard at it!

The newest product from Et Al Beauty, Nexsey, will be available in January on and utilizes “The Beauty of Illusion,” focusing on necks – a major problem area even for women and men who have had face lifts.

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Gomez notes that the neck often shows one’s age and makes wearing low-cut necklines and statement necklaces less than optimum. For this reason, it was on the top of her list for her customers.

Gomez’s favorite advice: “As you age, less is definitely more – in make-up, not clothes!” She also believes that a sense of humor, kind heart and smile go a long way towards making someone physically beautiful. These traits may not land you a photo spread in Playboy or Maxim, but perhaps AARP will take notice.

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