Smart Member Bonus 2.0 Helps People Master Social Media Marketing For Their Smart Member 2.0 Courses

Smart Member 2.0 helps people quickly create high quality online courses, and WP Smart Member Bonus has added new bonus to their $25,000 package that will help people market them via social media.

Education is changing rapidly, but not rapidly enough. University courses still cover the fundamental subjects like the sciences, but are falling rapidly behind the job market in providing courses that offer real sustainable skills. Many people who have learned these skills the hard way are now in a position to make money from them, and Smart Member 2.0 enables them to monetize that knowledge in the form of an online course which can sold as a product. WP Smart Member Bonus offers free incentives for people to sign up, and has now includes a suite of social media tools as part of their $25,000 bonus package.

WP Smart Member Bonus has a comprehensive Smart Member 2.0 review, explaining how the software works together with a profile of the developer, Chris Record. The signup bonuses are designed to encourage people to take the leap, and now include social media tools. 

The new social media tools included comprise online tools and courses, including Facebook Ads Exposed, Social Lead Page Builder, 2 Cent Facebook Clicks and more. These enable individuals to harness the power of personal recommendation from existing users to generate more clients.

A spokesperson for WP Smart Member Bonus explained, “We understand that Smart Member 2.0 is a great way for people to create and administer a great course, it takes care of the difficult technical parts with a few clicks, this includes bridge pages, automatic integration with JVzoo, instant bonus site creation and a lot more. However, that course still needs an audience to succeed, and many of our signup bonuses are based on promoting the finished product and enabling individuals to create a burgeoning audience for their work. The impressive array of signup bonuses are all free of charge, and aim to make Smart Member 2.0 the best return on investment of any product available online. Social Media is an essential part of any online marketing strategy, and we look forward to enabling new course makers to succeed in this area.”

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WP Smart Member Bonus is an online resource center covering Smart Member 2.0, the online course creation tool from Chris Record. The website helps people discover important pre-release information and news, together with a comprehensive and insightful review. The site also has a wide range of available sign up incentives to help people get the best from the program.

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