Fund raising campaign set up for Suicide prevention project initiated by a group of community members

A fund raising campaign by the name Coronado San Diego Bridge Collaborative for Suicide Prevention project has been initiated by its Non-Profit’s Executive Director, Rhonda Haiston.  The campaign is attempting to raise $25,000 for a high-level feasibility study to determine if the placement of a suicide deterrent system is possible. 

San Diego’sCoronado bay bridge is infamous for having the third highest suicide rate amongst the bridges in America. In recent times, the number of suicides has risen by 50% in just short 4 years. With the no. of suicides rising like never before this has clearly become a reason of concern for most of the regions citizens.

The initiative was started by a small group of concerned community members whose numbers have grown to over 1,000 volunteers, made up of Doctors, Nurses and Firefighters. 

The barrier will be similar to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, which is a metal collapsible metal net 20 feet below the sub deck – jumping off will become impossible.

The decision to move forward on the project is based on evidence that shows that if a method of suicide is removed, victims do not go elsewhere to do it instead. Also, if someone is prevented from committing suicide, they usually change their mind and give life a second chance.

As a part of the project, a memorial for the 360 victims will be incorporated into the structure. One link for each life lost will be installed during the construction of the barrier. These metal alloy links are available for donations of just $71.50 each.

For more details, on this noble cause, check out the campaign by clicking here.

Media Contact
Company Name: Coronado San Diego Bridge Collaborative for Suicide Prevention
Contact Person: Rhonda Haiston, Press Relations
Phone: 619-537-9870
Country: United States