provides Electronic Signature Capabilities for IRS Tax Professionals

Stay Paperless is an Indianapolis-based company that is focused towards creating tax related document organization solutions for IRS Tax Professionals that improve performance and efficiency. The company recently announced the launch of their Electronic Signature services that are 100% compliant with IRS regulations and meet newly published IRS standards for electronic signatures on tax returns forms 8878 and 8879 for electronic filing.

The service has been designed to combine convenience and affordability. By keeping the process of Electronic Signature simple and quick through their streamlined process which the company claims is as easy as 1-2-3, Stay Paperless aims to reduce confusion and save time. By using the service, IRS Tax Professionals can get forms electronically signed by taxpayers through variety of different methods including on the cell phone through Stay Paperless mobile phone friendly web portal.

The company spokesperson said: “Stay organized and in control of all your client data, tax documents and other information digitally and securely. The objective of our Electronic Signature Capabilities is to make it easier for IRS Tax Professionals to get remote and local tax signatures digitally, which would make the entire process of getting tax returns quicker and easier for all parties involved.”

The main features of the service include:

  • Taxpayers can sign remotely from a cell phone, web browser, or sign in the office.
  • Covers all Tax Forms including 1040 Page 2, 8879, 8878, the 1120s, 1120C, 1065s and all Bank Forms.  States will be available as well as long as state accepts digital signatures.
  • Uses Knowledge Based Authentication when verifying a person’s identity for signing remotely.
  • Records all required information such as IP Address, name, login information, and identity verification.
  • All documents are password protected and encrypted to be tamper proof.

Stay Paperless has paid close attention to the safety aspect of the service and has therefore taken all the necessary measures to ensure that once a form has been signed it cannot be modified or tampered with. The Stay Paperless unique security and authentication system uses a variety of different tools to ensure maximum safety.

The services can be integrated with any tax software; however, the company also provides a variety of different software and document organizational tools that can assist IRS professionals in keeping their data organized.

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Stay Paperless is a company based out of Indianapolis, IN that specializes in Digital Tax Return Signatures and all other tax related document organization.

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