LMS tax center launches tax preparation services for Houston

The well established company LMS tax center has launched their services specifically for Houston and the interested client can avail these services through their official website.  The website Houston tax preparations will allow the user to register themselves with basic details and fix an appointment with the consultant.

Founded by Sam A. Paiz, LMS tax center has been offering tax preparation services since 1992. Now the company has taken the next move, by launching their new website and services for the natives of Houston and surrounding areas. The success of the company is evident from its long list of clients and reputation that it has built over two decades.

More services were added by the company owing to the client feedback and suggestions and at present the company provides several tax preparation services such as Bookkeeping, insurance for auto, health, home, life and commercial purpose along with free roadside service with every paid tax preparation.

The company also helps the client in getting medical benefits which most of them qualify for along with support to the corporate sales associates. The users can also get training for becoming a tax preparer, insurance agent and/or real estate investor with the help of company’s various programs.

Through the LMS system, LMS tax center also provides a chance for everyone to become an entrepreneur. The system is the result of more than 30 years of hard work and efforts which allows it to offer faster services.

With increasing demands, inflation and rising taxes it has become important for the people to know and understand about tax saving and other tax related aspects. There are a number of companies and consultants available in the market who offer tax preparation services yet only some have made a reliable name among the customers. LMS Business solutions LLC have established its reputation among the clients with its past paced, affordable and reliable services.

Big and small businesses can avail the book keeping services by the company which includes data entry for cheque, deposits and bills, bank reconciliations, spreadsheets, cash, credit and debit reimbursements and revising general ledger. The tax preparation service is offered for 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065 & 990 along with franchise report.

Apart from the above LMS tax center also provides notary services and audit assistance in case the customer receives an audit notice from the IRS. The immigration service offered by LMS ensures that the immigration application packet is completed, signed and notarized in order. It can also help in recommending an in-house attorney if needed.

The users can also earn money through the LMS referral program, more information about the company can be found at LMStaxcenter and Houstontaxpreparations.

Media Contact
Company Name: LMS Group
Contact Person: Sam Paiz
Email: jehu@lmsservicestx.com
Phone: 281-977-6572
Country: United States
Website: www.houstontaxpreparations.com