“Super Coupon Woman” Tina M. Klein Celebrates Giving Back Close to $100,000 With the Power of Coupons!

There’s no doubt at all for many people and families, the holidays are extremely difficult to enjoy due to their financial difficulties. Tina M. Klein, well known as the “Super Coupon Woman” set out in 2015 to do her best to help these people in need by combining donations along with her ability to find great deals, did just that. The results have been remarkable.

“Super Coupon Woman” Tina Klein recently demonstrated in a very real way the power of coupons, by combining a campaign to take in donations, with her ability to find savings to help feed and buy gifts for an astonishing number of families for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015. Klein recently celebrated these accomplishments, and looks forward to doing more work in this area in 2016 and beyond.

“I’m happy to say we successfully completed our 2015 $50,000 donation challenge and collected $33,500 towards that goal,” commented Klein. “I have made strides with The Super Coupon Woman Foundation by helping families in need individually. I was able to help 12 families with Thanksgiving meals, and sponsored 75 children for Christmas.”

Klein continued, “I shopped only clearance and vowed not to spend over $10.00 on any item by shopping at 1/2 price books, Kohls & Macy’s online clearance, I was able to provide each child with $250 to $350 in gifts while only spending between $25-35 per child. Super Coupon Woman provided over 1,000 gifts to make these children’s Christmas happen. I have been able to give back $90,000 to my community with the power of coupons since 2010.”

The good news is that Klein has announced she will be sharing her journey in a book to show others how she went from a single struggling mother relying on others to survive, to giving back to her community close to $100,000 while inspiring other women and men to follow in her footsteps to become financially free. The new book will be released in 2016 and anticipation surrounding it is high.

For more information be sure to visit http://www.supercouponwoman.org

About Super Coupon Woman

Tina M. Klein, also known as Super Coupon Woman is the founder of the Super Coupon Woman Foundation – a non-profit organization which is focused on helping those in need with the power of coupons. She founded the 100,000 coupon challenge to encourage other couponer’s to donate to their communities. Together they have collected over $300,000 in donations since 2011.



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