Creating Wealth Host Jason Hartman Speaks with Leading Business Professor Peter Navarro on the Coming Death of China’s Dominance

Navarro Predicts further Tensions between China and the United States

Renowned financial and economic podcaster Jason Hartman hosted Dr. Peter Navarro – Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine – on the popular program Creating Wealth. Navarro and Hartman spoke openly about the threats the U.S. faces as China beefs up its military despite its economic decline.

“The Chinese economic miracle is over, and this makes them dangerous,” Navarro says on the show.

Navarro covers China’s growing militarism and a rising Sino-US cold war in his new book, CROUCHING TIGER: What China’s Militarism Means for the World. He recommends investors get their money out of China due to uneven demographics, decreased manufacturing and a water crisis. Instead, he recommends looking into Australia and Brazil as foreign investments.

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