Airwheel Q1 Twin-wheeled Scooter a Mini Travel Companion

Under the relaxed state, people can have a good mood as well as enjoy the freedom. During a travel, you may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours. If a mini travel tool is the partner of the journey, the person will gain double joys.

Airwheel Q1 intelligent twin-wheel scooter createdby the company in the early stage can an exclusive scooter since you can’t find the same one with the twin-wheel in the available market. It’s common to see lots of electric unicycles made by various makers, however, only Airwheel does make this type twin-wheeled one which is meant for handiness in the travel.

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Q1 with a small figure only occupies the area of a small floor tile that is good for the user living in a tiny house. It allows you to go everywhere as you wish including the road with heavy traffics. In conjunction with fuzzy algorithm and aviation attitude control system, it’s cushy to maintain balance. Q1 self-balancing electric scooter can go through a narrow pavement with its stable balance. Don’t worry someone to steal it or that there are no places to park it owing to its small volume. All fear can be taken away.

Through the mentioned above, Q1 can be with the rider to have a travel. For it’s small in the structure, it’s easy to be stored in the car trunk. When you arrive at the scenic spot, then all jobs are on the shoulder of this nimble scooter. It works well on the narrow path paved by sandy soil. General speaking, the spot is very large, and thus it’s necessary to have a personal transporter. At the same time, you can view all sceneries enjoying landscapes endowed by nature.

Q1 self-balancing electric scooter

Moreover you can ride the electric scooter Q1to go shopping, especially window shopping. Of course you can ride it to go to work as a commuting way. You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours with riding the scooter. It is regarded as travel companion, so it’s capable to make you have a blast in the journey. In a wonderful travel, you can gain the freedom that you always dream of. Additionally, you can have a good mood with its companion.

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